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Posted by learnit techno on September 19th, 2016

Today we will talk about the things never to be done with respect to ASP.NET. Though ASP.NET technology dates back to 2002, but it has been regularly modified and updated to meet the requirements and the scenario of the current day internet. There are many new aspects which has been added to the latest version of ASP Dot Net Training in Bangalore. That was released just a year back in 2015.

Before going into that let us for an introductory note understand what is ASP.NET. It is an open source web framework developed by Microsoft for building up-to-date applications and services for the websites. ASP.NET facilitates website creation easily using the tool combination of the latest versions of HTML, CSS and JavaScript while also size them so as to suit millions of users. It also eases addition of complex characteristics like Web APIs and forms with data and real time communications as well.

Some of the key dates in the history of dot net course in Bangalore begin with its release as version 1.0 in the year 2002 based on windows programming. In 2007, ASP.NET AJAX framework was incorporated. In 2015, the latest version was released as Version 5 RC1 but was separated from ASP.NET and included under ASP.NET core as Version 1.0.

The latest modifications and upgrades that have been incorporated in this latest version. And keeping that in mind, the steps that shouldn’t be followed by any developer include:

Compliance with the standards

  • Control adapters though a good step w.r.t the version 2.0, but it is advisable to use solid adaptive CSS and HTML tools instead considering the modern websites.
  • Self-set CSS classes instead of inline styles.
  • Page Call backs are old-dated standard AJAX techniques, while SignalR, Web API, and JavaScript are the latest ones to be used.
  • Browser Capability Detection is a feature which tests out features instead of browsers.
  • Security is a standard feature
  • Request Validation is an useful property but since it is not decisive and unaware of the type of functioning of an app, so it is better to authenticate the inputs with the data about the app and its usability.
  • Authentication process without cookies is not secure and hence no authentic data should be passed in the query string.
  • Always Enable the View State Mac and remember that it should not be false ever.
  • Never count on Medium trust because it is not a security boundary. Rather be smart to put apps in separate app pools respectively
  • Don't use app setting to disable security patches.
  • Every time use Url Path Encode as this method was very unambiguous, and is now totally obsolete.
  • Reliability and Performance check is mandatory.
  • Pre Send Request Headers & Request Context as these can be used with native modules and not with IHttp Modules.
  • Use Page.RegisterAsyncTask to Asynchronies the Page Events with Web Forms.
  • To prevent disappearance of your app pool, you must avoid  ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem from being used. For this work, try to use Web Backgrounder.
  • Endure to stay out of the Request.Form and Request.InputStream before the event is executed by your handlers as it might not be ready.
  • Be aware of the Thread.Aborts that occurs when redirected .
  • Turn on Enable ViewState and ViewStateMode  specifically for the individual controls which require it.
  • Use ASP.NET User Providers or rather the new ASP.NET Identity system which is better than the former.
  • ASP.NET has not been programmed to handle long running requests of two or more minutes duration. For that you need to use Web Sockets or SignalR and asynchronous I/O operations.

For more info on Dot Net Training Institutes in Coimbatore explain complete programming or ASP.NET frameworks, and to become a ASP.NET developer, join our ASP.NET online courses at LearnIT.

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