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Ways To Write A Perfect Piece Of News

Posted by frontsiderr on September 19th, 2016

Writing news for online publications is way too different as compared to writing blog posts or articles.  Be it Action Sports News or be it extreme sports breaking news, it has to follow various journalistic standards.  They should have great leads, attention-seeking headlines and detailed, thoughtful and relevant information, which is put forth in an entertaining manner. You might be thinking how to put these in 400 words, isn’t it? Given below are some tips for helping you with writing online news.

  1. Headlines

This is the 1st thing that your reader is going to see. After reading this, the curiosity quotient is also going to rise. A complete sentence is seldom read. Headline selection is extremely important as it is the one that would be attracting audience to read the story.

  1. Leads

Many of you don’t know what is the meaning of leads, isn’t it? Now, when we talk of leads, it refers to the leading story of the news. Basically, you can say that it is the sentence which introduces the story. It has the capability of either hooking the reader or either losing him. Don’t write leads in over 35 words i.e. 2 sentences. Follow a journalistic style or writing here i.e. who, when, what, why, where etc. The most essential details must be put in this sentence.

  1. Body

When a good lead and a strong headline is written, the reader can be pulled in the body and here’s where the actual meaning of story comes in. Whether you are writing extreme action sports news or whether you are penning it down for Extreme Sports Breaking News, it needs to be done well.  The news has to be arranged in an inverted pyramid format. The most relevant and interesting paragraphs must be written in the upper paragraphs.  Less information can be followed in the last paragraphs.  The paragraphs have to kept very short i.e. just 3-5 sentences. This is because readers get very bored if long paragraphs are written. For them, long paragraphs are quite daunting and they would quit reading. Each paragraph must be limited to only 1 idea.

Writing and revision are very critical. The work should be checked for spellings, grammar and punctuation. The spelling of names must be double checked. Contractions like ‘Next’ or ‘That’ must be avoided. News pieces must always be written in 3rd person.

  1. Sources are important

Citing sources is extremely important.  Contact the site where your work would be published. The rules of citing sources are different on each site, so accordingly check it out. Some give preference to listing them after the article ends. Some others prefer adding hyperlinks to the keywords.

When it comes to print articles and news pieces, it is good to cite multiple sources for the information.  If you doubt some particular source, switch to another one. Still if you have any uncertainty, it is good to leave out the information.

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