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Posted by Oculoplastic Eyelid Orbit Surgery on September 19th, 2016

The weakening of some of your eyelid muscles and age may cause your eyelid to roll inward. This condition is known as 'entropion', and it can be painful and irritating when you let it be. Moreover, the turned eyelid may rub against your eye, causing it to be red and sensitive to wind and light. If left untreated, this condition may cause mucus discharge, excessive tearing, corneal abrasions, corneal scarring or scratching, and corneal ulcers. The best way to treat entropion is through surgery. Entropion surgery will be performed by a qualified and skilled oculoplastic surgeon who will repair the eyelid before it causes permanent damage to your eye.

Entropion can occur because of botched eyelid surgery, scarring, or trauma, too. It does not merely occur in the elderly, but in some children, too. Your eyelid can be turned in at all times, or when you shut your eyelids tightly or blink hard. The condition typically occurs on the lower eyelid, but at times, it may happen on the upper eyelid, too. Regardless of the reason for entropion, it is important to seek proper treatment from a certified oculoplastic surgeon who specializes in reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries on the eyelids, tear drain system, and the orbit. Entropion surgery can be more affordable in India where there are experienced and fully trained oculoplastic surgeons who can conduct the treatment in modern and high-end medical facilities using advanced surgical techniques and tools.

Lubricating ointments and artificial tears may help relieve the symptoms of the condition, but you need entropion surgery to fully recover. Entropion surgery relies on different surgical techniques. It should be reasonably priced when you have the right doctor perform it on you. The most typically used surgical method involves tightening the eyelid and the surrounding attachments to restore it to its original position.

Entropion surgery is typically an outpatient procedure under a local anesthetic. Patients can recover quickly and report immediate results following the surgery. The doctor may prescribe an antibiotic ointment, which must be applied on the recovering eyelid for about seven days after the surgery to help prevent infections and speed up the recovery process.

Another type of surgical procedure to repair entropion involves a non-incisional method, which uses sutures to revert the eyelid in its normal position. Sutures are strategically placed on the eyelid under local anesthesia. This entropion surgery may be best for individuals who may not be suitable for surgery. Alternatively, it can provide a temporary solution until actual surgery can be done.

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