Five Profitable Jobs Where An MBA Can Boost Your Career

Posted by sophiasmith on September 19th, 2016

Every MBA graduate wants to have a career which can promise growth and assure them a profitable salary in exchange for those heavy investments made during their post graduation. An excellent array of career options is available for MBA graduates, starting from financial management, consultants to IT Managers and HR Managers. Besides, growth in health care industry and advancement in medical facilities is also causing an enormous demand for trained professionals to make important decisions related to management of funds and resources in hospitals.

Let’s have a look at five most profitable jobs, where an MBA can help give you an edge in the MBA Jobs market.

  1.        IT Manager: IT managers ensure that their organization’s computer systems meet industrial standards and keep a check on any required upgrade in the technology for better efficiency. Their responsibility may also include managing IT personnel. For such roles, most of the companies require MBA graduates with IT experience. This can be an ideal choice for you if you are a graduate from any of the Top MBA college in Rajasthan and have the skill to stay ahead of the latest technological innovations.
  2.        Financial Manager: This is an ideal career choice for MBA graduates as both these fields closely connected. Financial managers administer an organization’s financial state, create financial reports and counsel respective administration on finances and returns. Most of the companies look for financial managers with an MBA, as they are trained to have both the analytical abilities and software knowledge.
  3.        Financial Advisor: Financial advisors guide a company or their clients on fruitful investments, retirement, tax and insurance. This is a great choice for those who want to be self-employed. Very few top mba colleges in Jaipur offer MBA degrees in finance. Poornima University is one of the best universities in Jaipur, which offer MBA in Marketing and Finance.
  4.        HR Manager: HR managers are responsible for taking administrative action for an entire organization and works on lucrative recruiting and hiring for an organization. An MBA in Human Resource (HR) can be an ideal choice for those interested in such profile.
  5.         Hospital Administrator: This is where MBA graduates can seize the opportunity and use their financial abilities to control the business aspect of hospitals and health care organizations. Hospital administrators are responsible for managing all of the finances of a health care organization, make budgets and come up with money saving strategies for the organization.

If you are looking for jobs after completing MBA, above positions are good positions to start. An MBA can surely increase your chances to enter any of these fields and become your stairway for success.  

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