Is A Christian Debt Relief Consolidation Company A Better Option?

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Many practicing Christians and others who do not subscribe to the Christian faith may have grave reservations when it comes to the idea of a Christian company that offers debt relief consolidation. Christian debt consolidation companies take the stance that their services are not only permitted by Biblical precedent, but that they are also some of the only companies that can be fully trusted in a situation where a consumer finds himself in need of debt consolidation.

The big sticking point among Christians is the same one that has been around for centuries; the same issue that Muslims also struggle with: whether or not a Christian can owe money or property to another person. In other words, there is doubt about whether or not a Christian can get into debt. There are some hard line evangelicals who state that no Christian should be in debt, even for a car or house loan, according to Biblical law. Another view suggests that if the item purchased which caused the debt has potential to grow in value, the debt incurred in the gaining was okay. A third stance suggests that debt is all right if it was necessary for securing an income or if the debt does not go overboard as far as the budget is concerned.

Many Christian companies which offer debt relief consolidation point to Biblical quotes which clarify the issues of debt and debtors. One of these verses is Proverbs 22:7, which states that the rich rule over the poor, and that the borrower is a servant to the lender. "Owe no man anything, but love one another" is a passage found in Romans chapter 13. The Christa in companies point out that they are actually helping others to fulfill Biblical mandates, as Psalm 37:21 states that "The wicked borrow and do not repay, but the righteous give generously".

It is clear from the Bible that God wants all of His children to live an abundant life. Think how impossible this is to achieve under the weight of accrued debt! Once debtors have an action plan in place to free them from their outstanding debts and keep them out of debt in the future, they are that much more able to enjoy the feelings of freedom that come from being a part of the family of God. Christian companies set up with the purpose of freeing people from the burdens of debt and helping them to fulfill their potential. Moreover, many Christians will frankly feel that they cannot do business with a non-Christian company which offers these services, but will be comfortable talking to a company owned by Christians about heir financial issues. It is important to note that while the financial companies run by Christians feel that this is an important point to clarify, that does not mean that their help is restricted to Christians only. People of all faiths can use the services of these companies. Of course, some might wonder why then these companies do not just call themselves debt consolidation companies without stressing the Christian part.

The biggest reason for choosing a Christian debt consolidation company would be the fact that they label themselves as such. All consolidation companies claim that they will be able to reduce the interest rates on outstanding loans, possibly even to zero. Both Christian and non-Christian companies have been caught making false promises, so really the choice and the decision is still in the consumer's hands and they must choose with facts and not faith in mind.

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