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Posted by Brian Miller on September 20th, 2016

Finding Chicago wedding venues may not appear as that of a hard task at first, but with the variety of available options, even the most relaxed couple will be in a dilemma. This is true for every location and wedding type. Even organizing a San Francisco City Hall Wedding can be hard at times.

However, planning for a wedding at the city hall is still a good option. For those who are confused after seeing so many Chicago wedding venues, the city hall can be the right venue for them. A city hall for wedding is inexpensive, convenient and the venue is available all over the year. For those who are looking to organize a San Francisco City Hall Wedding, the following tips will be quite helpful for them.

The first thing needed to do while looking for any type of wedding venues is making reservations as early as possible. When it comes to a city hall, arranging for the marriage license on time is required. It is advisable to get the license date a day prior to the ceremony, since getting it in a single day can be stressful. The ceremony can be booked up to 90 days before the actual wedding date.

The location is the next important thing to consider carefully. While looking for wedding venues in Chicago, the city hall may not appear to offer much variety. But it in fact, it does. The most common location for arranging wedding ceremonies within the city hall is the Rotunda, which is near the large staircase. The Mayor’s Balcony is another excellent choice, which also allows for extra guests and seating to be arranged.

The next important thing is arranging for a professional photographer for the wedding. Wedding photographers are an integral part of any wedding and every couple wants their best wedding moments to be beautifully captured. Finding a wedding photographer is not much hard. There are many wedding photographers available online. A good rule to follow here is choosing a professional who has covered a few weddings in the city hall before, as they know the tricks of camera lenses and the important wedding moments that should be captured.

Making a guest list is the next important step and also one of the hardest ones. When it comes to a city hall wedding, the guest list can get really tricky. For instance, the San Francisco City Hall does not permit over 600 guests for standard weddings, so extra guests have to be paid for. As a result, having less than 600 guests is ideal for a city hall wedding. For a large crowd, it is essential to discuss with the Clerk’s office first and pay the additional fees as applicable.

Thus, taking care of these simple things, finding out a wedding venue in Chicago or San Francisco will be a stress-free task. Remember to take your marriage license and IDs on the wedding day, and cherish one of the most special days that any couple desire in their lives.

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