The benefits of using private money lenders

Posted by Elite Internet Technologies on September 21st, 2016

There is currently a lot of debate about the relative merits of mainstream credit markets and private money lenders. Most of the pro-credit market argument centers on the “ease and convenience” of mainstream credit markets. Many borrowers would disagree. The mainstream credit market is extremely bureaucratic, almost insanely procedural, and to put it politely, opaque when things go wrong.

There is a very different side to this dogmatic belief in the credibility of the mainstream credit market. Private money lenders are business people, usually highly experienced businesspeople with decades of experience and qualifications to prove it.

These people don’t do business purely for the entertainment value. They are in the private money lending market because it’s good business, not because they feel some desperate need to give. They do things very differently, and some would argue far more efficiently than the mainstream market.

There is a bottom the issue here. What’s a good loan? After all, that’s what lending is all about, whether you’re in the mainstream market or a private lender. Most people would say that a good loan is straightforward, easy to manage, and doesn’t include the bureaucratic atrocities with which the mainstream market inflicts them.

That’s pretty much the case for the private money lenders. Hard money loans are actually traditional loans – They are based on physical collateral, common sense, and good business practices.

Perhaps the best example in favor of private money lending is a market leading company called California Private Money Lenders. This company is a virtual one stop shop for hard money loans, for everything from commercial purposes to construction and private residential loans.

Unlike the mainstream market, however, they provide straightforward information, client support, and very clear formal loan processes. They can also process the loans and have them funded within 14 days. Loan terms are strictly by the book, certainly easy to manage, and strictly compliant by any type of regulation you care to mention.

For more information, and to see how private money lending really works in the real world, visit their website here at Don’t be too surprised if you find it a very worthwhile experience.

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