Is the VoIP Market Suitable for Customized VoIP Service Plans

Posted by anjanavj on September 21st, 2016

Voice over Internet Protocol, commonly known as VoIP is Internet Telephony that allows one to make international and local calls at very cheap rates as per the packs paid for. VoIP is mostly used for commercial and residential purposes. One of the major benefits of VoIP is its cost effectiveness and features facilitating connectivity across the globe.

Today, VoIP in the market has evolved both technologically and commercially. One third of enterprises are now using VoIP services and solutions. VoIP is popular for its calling features and facilities such as conference calling, call waiting, call forwarding etc. Countries in Europe for instance are making the most out of VoIP services, followed by the USA, India, Australia, Canada among other countries. It has now been accepted globally due to its innumerable benefits-- starting from its call rates, to the quality of calls, its facilities etc.

For VoIP Service Providers the market in India is certainly a lucrative and promising one. While pre-packaged VoIP plans have been in use for some time now, many VoIP Companies in India are gearing for custom-built VoIP Service Plans. But the question is – Is the Indian VoIP market suitable for customized service plans or not? So here are certain things that you should take into consideration:

Is Infrastructure and Costs aligned to customization?

Every business, irrespective of its size, industry, need to have the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently. This means that, companies must have multiple strategies and make the most out of them. VoIP services can be customized to meet specific demands and expectations of various companies, making it beneficial and customer-centric. Of course, infrastructure and costs have to be taken into account. After all, as business service providers, it’s not expected of you to run into losses because of keeping your customers happy and loyal. So as a VoIP Service Provider check if you have the required support to offer customized services. After all, everyone loves to get what they actually require.

Does your audience base need Customization? Or will a US and UK Service Plan Suffice?

Identify your target audience – i.e. which countries receive the maximum calls and from where. For instance, countries like India are most likely to contact countries like the USA or Europe considering that many Indians visit to these countries for work and academic purpose. Give concessions for countries which you can afford to as you are sure of the fact that there will be more customers purchasing your product for the same plan. It's a great idea to provide unlimited India calling plans with customized features to help audiences choose the one that is best suitable to their needs. However, it's a terrible idea to do the same for countries like Ireland, or South Africa that will not have that sort of return value.

Can you offer customized VoIP services as well?

VoIP is an extremely customizable technology. It has several benefits, most importantly, its diversity when it comes to packs. Customization does not only have to cater to service plans – it can also be catered to services. For instance, based on requirements, check if you can offer customized home-based VoIP plans or VoIP plans for corporate use! That way, you will be driven to widen your scale making customers happier due to its diversity. You may also consider looking at your competitors to understand what they are offering at what rates and so on. The point to remember is that different customers have different purchasing power – and as a service provider you will have to give to them what they want!
So, be wise. Customize if that's what you think is going to attract you more customers and doesn't lead to any losses.

After all a customized VoIP Service Plans has its benefits and extent to which its popularity in growing, there is little doubt that the Indian market is ready for customized VoIP services and plans. With 27% annual growth rate expected in the Indian VoIP Market, there’s much prudence in leveraging from the opportunity and working towards strengthening your market presence and audience base.
Happy VoIP- ing to you!

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