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Posted by learnittechno on September 21st, 2016

Selenium is a tool where we can find out bugs from the application as well as we can write test cases. Topic is why fresher should know Selenium tool  ,the 1st and main reason is when we are using any application  we should know whether it is working smoothly or something is going wrong, if some problem will be there in using any application then how we get to know there is a bug ,so because of this  reason we or fresher should know using selenium and about that ,now a day’s everyone is almost using application in their cell phones, so because of that they should know about that for suppose, if some error are coming in opening flip card ,or myntra or while signup there is a problem, if you have any doubts in Software Testing Course and testing courses in Bangalore contact our trainers.  

such as someone has create an account and it is successfully created but while singin there is a problem that means there is a bug so this is not their fault who has created an account it’s an application fault its an bug so, because of all this fresher should know all this if they don’t know the they will feel that its his/or her mistake something he/she did wrong while creating an account,2nd In any application they ask to fill the form where they have written that only numeric will be allow but what happen is it will take all alphabets and namespace and special character also so that is a bug if it is like that we can contact with that application team .

In Selenium we can easily find bug only we have to write test cases and it will automatically detect the bug if any are there than, and then we have to execute that test case .For example we have to take one application and check each and every steps, such as in gmail in id we have create one id but instead of that we have given other email id ,if than also the application is accepting then there is a problem in that there is a bug in the application used in software testing course in Coimbatore.

For using the selenium we have to install first SELENIUM IDE then we can run our test cases on that. Selenium is a testing tool we can validate the test cases and then execute that if there is a bug it will show error otherwise it will execute the test cases. So whenever we are filling any application form or anything we will search bug now how we can search the bug type in by using this keywords software training institutes in Coimbatore.

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