Forget Razor, it?s all about Laser Hair Removal

Posted by Aaeesha on September 21st, 2016

Every woman's problem

Hair growths in unwanted places have been a constant problem for women. The hair makes them look a man like and reduces their sex appeal. Women so resort to painful solutions like waxing (ouch!) and shaving. The worst part is that waxing and shaving are also temporary, meaning that they've got to do the painful stuff again and again, to keep looking good. This is both excruciating, irritating and expensive (the only thing guys care about). Yet there is a way out for women. Laser hair removal in Bangalore has become a hot topic of discussion and conversation. Recent technological strides have brought laser hair removal within the reach of the common man (I mean women). There are also many clinics that offer Laser hair removal in Bangalore.

 What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal treatments in Bangalore promises much in return to its takers. Laser hair removal is painless and gives permanent results, it can be used to either completely remove hair or to reduce the hair density of hair in treated regions. Laser hair removal treatments involve the use of a laser light at the right intensity that does no damage to your skin but only destroys the hair follicle resulting subsequent permanent hair fall in the treated region. Hair growth occurs basically in three stages active stage, regressive stage, and dormant stage. Laser hair removal treats hair in it active stage of growth, hence the hair in the other two stages don't get affected at all. So continuous treatment for a period of time is required to remove all the hair that may get into its active stage during the treatment. That is why there are multiple appointments for laser hair removal. The multiple appointments also make the hair removal permanent. Usually, six to eight appointments are enough to provide permanent effects.

Do's and Don'ts

Like waxing, one should avoid using skincare products for a week prior to the treatment. There are usually no after effects. Laser hair removal in Bangalore is difficult due to the weather so it is recommended that sunscreen lotion are to be used during treatment as the exposure to the laser light might leave your skin weak and complete the recommended number of appointments to get the desired effect.

  Also, Laser hair removal treatment in Bangalore is cheaper than ever before offering you the solution of your dreams to your unnecessary hair problems.

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