The Black And Blue Car Sticker That Is The Blue Line Identifier

Posted by peter abel on September 22nd, 2016

The community of law enforcement officers is known for its camaraderie all over the globe. One of the most tightly-knit communities in the world, the bond that exists between law enforcement officers is impenetrable. This is true not just for officers within their own jurisdiction, but also fellow officers from other jurisdictions, states and even other countries. The bond is so strong that law enforcement officers feel almost a brother/sisterhood with each other. And bringing them all together is one identifier that is called the Blue Line emblem.

Emblems and symbols have a way of bringing together people of a particular group or affinity. Be countrymen rallying behind their national flag, faithful and believers showing their affiliation to a religion with religious flags or fans of a sports club showing their support for the club by using merchandise adorned with the club emblem, emblems and symbols are calling cards that gives a group a sense of belonging and identity. Similarly, the Blue Line emblem is a symbol of solidarity for law enforcement officers and their families.

The Blue Line emblem is borne out of the concept of the Thin Blue Line, which was introduced to the popular culture in 1988 thanks to a documentary by the same name. The documentary was the story of a man convicted of murder and consequently sentenced to life for a crime that he didn’t commit. The words “Thin Blue Line” were uttered by the prosecutor in reference to the police as those who separated the society from anarchy. In the US, the Blue Line Identifier was introduced in 1993, at the Police Week in Washington DC.

Over the years, you must have observed the famous black and blue car sticker, but have you ever stopped and wondered what it actually means? The Thin Blue Line was designed to pay honor the fallen law enforcement officers. And the meaning of the Thin Blue Line in its very essence is this: The top black stripe represents the public, with the middle blue line representing the law enforcement, while the bottom stripe represents the criminals. In addition to this, the makers of the Blue Line Identifier have added a teardrop as a symbol of camaraderie and brotherhood.

The Thin Blue Line is a line between good and evil that honors law enforcement officers. If you are a police officer yourself, buy the black and blue car sticker and identify with your brother and sister officers.

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