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Posted by Tom Eric on September 22nd, 2016

Are you working on a sensitive project in a scientific lab? Do you get affected by change in the environment around you? Most of us might not be aware of the fact that there are so many factors present around us that continue to influence our daily lives and if there is any change in their parameters, we are bound to be impacted in some way or the other. Our atmosphere and the living conditions consist of several things like temperature & humidity, dew point, wind speed and direction, airborne particles, AC or DC power/current/voltage, water levels, pressure, flow distance levels,  strain/force/load/weight/mass, noise and vibration and much more which govern the way we carry out our daily affairs. Also, if you are involved in some scientific developments, these factors play an important role and need to be monitored regularly to get the desired results.

One of the most important factors on which many things are dependent is temperature. You might have noticed that a sudden change in the temperature affects your body and can even make you ill. Many of the electrical and mechanical processes depend upon the temperature to deliver accurate results. Various devices are temperature-dependent and work only when they get the prescribed limits of temperature. So, a lot of emphasis is given on the monitoring of the temperature in industrial processes, scientific researches and in the premises, where sensitive activities are being performed such as kitchens, laboratories, pharmacies, nursing and medical colleges and others. With the help of web based monitoring system, you can keep a track on the temperature level and it will also alert you as soon as the desired limits are breached upon.

Apart from temperature, some other factors like humidity and pressure are needed in the operation of various equipment, especially the HVAC devices. You can use web based monitoring system to monitor pressure and humidity in the climate-controlled facilities such as clean rooms, computer server rooms, warehouses and other remote areas. In addition to this, you can use water detection sensors, Co2 sensors, PH sensors as part of web based monitoring system to detect various aspects of the environment which have the potential to affect you in different ways.

Now, many companies are providing devices and techniques used as web based environmental monitoring system that are available online. You can explore various websites and look for these sensors to monitor and control the parameters that impact your life as well as your scientific projects or business operations.

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