What you know about Anthocyanin Red Cabbage? Feel the delicious taste here

Posted by Sungjin Kimchi on September 22nd, 2016

Doctors of Agriculture, Gwon, Oha and Lee, JongJheol have developed anthocyanin functional red cabbage through long research based on Korean traditional breeding therapy.  Anthocyanin red cabbage is not produced by gene manipulation (GMO). Haenam 'red cabbage' is a cabbage crossbred with red lettuce and cabbage. Differently from general Korean Cabbage which is yellow inside, red cabbage is red both inside and outside. Size is 2/3 of general cabbage, however it contains 10 times of anthocyanin and phenol acid, anti-oxidative compared to general cabbage.

Anthocyanin "Red Cabbage"

It is delicious Anthocyanin Kimchi which is made with plump and crunchy Red Korean Cabbage from Ttangkkeut Village, Haenam, and with the 100% pure Korean farm product. The cabbage grown in red clay land from Haenam, the clean area at the southernmost tip, with ocean breeze, is pickled in bay salt from salt pond of Haenam. And naturally fermented fish with Korean crab of abundant Chitosan, flounder and yellow corvina, is put wholeheartedly to bring the deep savor as comfort food.

  •          AI the ingredients of Kimchi are made with 100% pure Korean farm product.
  •          Plump and crunchy head by growing more than 90 days has good taste.
  •          Stable hygiene cleaning in HACCP-certified facilities.
  •          Transformation of cabbage! Red Chinese Cabbage containing a large amount - of Anthocyanin’s and phenolic acids.

Effects of "Anthocyanin"         

  •          Sight protection and sight recovery - It helps blood circulation of retina capillary, activating the action of rhodopsin that stimulates the light and delivers to the brain, protecting vision and relieving stress of eyeball.
  •          Anti-aging - It protects memory loss delaying aging by removing active oxygen within the body.
  •          Diabetes prevention - It treats and prevents diabetes by helping blood sugar regulation rising the insulin producing.
  •          Heavy metal discharge - It discharges harmful heavy metal as mercury, lead, and arsenic.
  •          Anti-inflammation sterilization

Protection and recovery of eyesight

In the retina of human eyes there is chromatophore called rhodopsin that receives lights and transmits to the brain Rhodopsin breaks down by photo stimulation but immediately re-synthesizes and this sequence is transmitted to the visual area in brain, expediting the re-synthesis and activating it.


Anthocyanin eliminates active oxygen in the body to prevent memory loss and down aging.

Diabetes prevention

Anthocyanin, increases insulin production to help regulation of blood sugar, so it is good in diabetes treatment and prevention.

Heavy metal excretion

Anthocyanin excrete harmful heavy metal such mercury, lead and arsenic so they are not accumulated within the body.

Anti-inflammatory and sterilizing effects

Anthocyanin has 10 time stronger anti-inflammatory and sterilizing effects than Aspirin and it is natural component that causes no side effects.

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