In order to have success into the particular pitch

Posted by  wangwenjie on September 23rd, 2016

In order to have success into the particular pitch, you must to know the normal and advanced controls on the game, and here upfifacoins. com share you the FIFA 17 Points Free Kick tutorial and guide for the FIFA 17 Trivela Free Kick, Dipping Free Kick, Knuckleball Free Kick / Power Curved Free Kick and the Low Free Kick.

FIFA 17 Trivela Cost-free Kick
Where to use: 20 - 25 meters
Who to use: Left or Right Base Strong players with high FK Accuracy and CRV
Where to aim: move your right analog on the right or left if you can , until the player from the right position, aim to the second guy inside wall
FIFA 17 Trivela Totally free Kick
Power: 3 - 4 pubs, if you are really close within 22-23 lawn, you need take a bit adjust.
Controls: Hold L1 (LB) + Spin with left analog stick
Watch DMIKE's FIFA teen Free Kick: how to score this Trivela Easy.

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