K-Pop Dance Class ? Aspire to Dance Like K-Pop Stars

Posted by ROLLING KOREA on September 23rd, 2016

There is no doubt that the K-Pop phenomenon has taken over the world. If you love Korean pop music and have always wanted to dance along to them, maybe it’s time to enroll in a K-Pop dance class. Want to know how your favorite K-Pop artists execute sleek dance moves? Such a class is perfect for you! And if you want to hit two birds with one stone, why don’t you also learn the Korean language in a hybrid K-Pop and language class? This way, you can dance AND sing to your favorite Korean pop tunes. Who knows? You might even be discovered as a new superstar.

What to Expect

K-Pop dance classes are suitable even for beginners. Don’t be intimidated if you have no prior dance background. Most of your classmates will be just like you. Many students attend K-Pop dance classes because they want to get fit, have fun, and make new friends. IF you choose the language and dance hybrid, you also get to learn how to speak Korean.

A typical session will start with a warm up and body conditioning. Initial lessons will likely be about Hip Hop basics. Your instructor might teach you a new choreography for each session you attend.

Learn Your K-Pop Moves in Seoul

Thousands of foreigners flock to Seoul yearly to join K-Pop dance programs, so why don’t you? It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn beginner dance choreography and make memories you will cherish for a lifetime. Some programs even take you in a tour of studios in the city and see your favorite artists hard at work. In addition to dance lessons, you can also sign up for singing lessons with vocal trainers.

Learn the Korean Language While Learning K-Pop Dance

K-Pop dance and language lessons are suitable for those who are interested in dance and vocal lessons while learning Korean systematically. It gives you the chance to study Korean while gaining deeper insight into the local culture. Though they can be designed for complete beginners, these combination programs are also ideal for students who already have some Korean speaking ability but feel stuck in their level and want to explore a new way to advance their skills. Language and K-Pop dance programs likewise appeal to those who are planning to attend universities in Korea as well as those who want to be able to speak naturally and fluently. Aside from sing and dance lessons, you will be exposed to K-drama and real-life interactions with native speakers.

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Jae Jun Yeon is graduated from Yonsei Univ and have degree in Economics. He is one of the senior Korean teacher of ROLLING KOREA, which is a language institute situated in the center of HONG-DAE.

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