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Posted by Linda Share on September 23rd, 2016

 Are you a cat lover? If so, you should know about cat litter crystals by now. But if you are just about to keep a cat, you might want to learn about it here. At the same time, you should consider getting your animal a cat scratching post. This will keep the feline from damaging your sofa, chair and other hard surfaces.

Crystal cat litter is a product made of dried silica gel.  This, as you might know, is used in medicine industries and others as well.  It should be kept far from kids’ reach. If ingested in large amounts or for a quite a long period, cat litter crystals could be dangerous. All the same, there is no evidence that the substance could harm and there are no proven reports that it has been eaten by cats. There are cat keepers who cannot live without these crystals.  The reason is because it is long-lasting than any other material.

For a whole month, the item could stay in the cat littler box.  This is simply because it is very absorbent. Hence, it absorbs and masks cat urine very well. As for the solid poop, you should scoop and throw it away as it is too smelly. Clay and biodegradable litters cannot compete in this aspect. They are changed often and are expensive in the long run. If you get a cat scratching post, you will have a very loyal little friend. Regarding packaging, crystal litters are put in tinier bags of about four pounds.

Hence, heavy-lifting is out of question. Just like little tots, cats are very curious animals. They might think the small, jagged crystals are toys. Unfortunately, it is very hard to scratch on those particles and the cat might actually hate it. She might use it, no problem. However, she might not be fully contented. When the crystal litter has reached its optimal lifespan, there might be a pool of urine in the base of the cat litter box. It is a sign that the litter cannot absorb anymore urine and you need to open a new bag of cat litter crystals.

As you will find out, some brands are strongly disliked and others are liked. So, you should not ignore the search stage. Take enough time to find out the companies that make the most reliable crystal litters for cats. If you visit large websites like Amazon and eBay, you will read a lot of reviews written by former customers concerning different litters. Get your silica gel crystals from a trustworthy source only. They are good at controlling urine odor and absorbing the urine itself.

Perhaps you are thinking that crystal litter can be flashed in a toilet. This is not recommended. Instead, you should find a way to dispose of.  It cannot decompose, so it is not good for garden use. Concerning how long a single bag could last in the box, some users use an 8-pound bag for a whole month. So it is like using two 4-pound bags a month. But once you buy it, a long with a good quality cat scratching post, you will see for yourself how long your cat will use its litter.

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