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Rabbits Nutrition tips ? Choose Oxbow Rabbit Food

Posted by siabenet on September 23rd, 2016

There are people who love rabbits. Are you one of them? If so, you should learn something about Oxbow rabbit food. Oxbow Animal Health is the company behind this food for rabbits. It is very healthy, as we will discuss later. The company also discusses matters to do with the right rabbit hutch. It has a very educational website.

One thing you should know about Oxbow is that it is an international business. Its foodstuffs are known all over the globe. The company has mastered the art of feeding small animals like rabbits, dogs, and cats among other pets that people keep. The animal care items that Oxbow sells have superior industry standards.  It even has a line of products containing cures that local and foreign veterinarians have endorsed. By buying Oxbow rabbit food, you can expect no regrets.

The company also works closely with scientists and other researchers before creating new products. This puts it at the frontline as far as safe nutrition for small animals is concerned. Its food is usually tested and retested to eliminate any flaws before it gets distributed all over the world. All you can expect from a company like Oxbow is steadfast quality and safety. With regard to rabbit nutrition, the organization picks hay as the best food. This is because rabbits are herbivores that eat plant materials only.

A rabbit’s digestive system needs food that could move continuously to avoid health issues. Hence, hay is the kind of food that will give your rabbit’s digestive tract enough fiber. It also keeps the pet from becoming too fat and from developing diarrhea or a dental disease. A rabbit that gets unlimited access to hay stays strong and healthy. Besides, you could keep its hay in the rabbit hutch and walk away. When the hay becomes dirty and soiled, get rid of it.

Otherwise, just leave the hay there so the rabbit could consume the whole of it. If it gets replenishment every so often, the rabbit might get picky and waste most of it. According to Oxbow, a rabbit should consume a batch of hay that equals his body size. There are two types of hay that are offered to rabbits. There is grass hay and alfalfa hay. Baby rabbits should eat more alfalfa hay in their rabbit hutch. Older than one year rabbits should eat grass hay more often or in larger amounts than they should eat alfalfa hay. If a rabbit is breastfeeding, it should eat alfalfa hay.  The same is the case for expectant rabbits.

Concerning pellets, they should be fortified. Oxbow rabbit food consists of fortified pellets that contain all the nutrients that your pet needs. It also ensures that its pellets have higher fiber content. Fortified pellets are made for rabbits of different ages. As a result, you should choose an age appropriate pellet product for yours. If a mixture consists of corn, seeds, nuts and fruits, leave it alone. Rabbits’ digestive system cannot digest and metabolize all these rich ingredients together. The other danger is that the animal might love the taste of his pellets and abandon his hay altogether. It’s good to treat him with some vegetables too. However, you should not give it a lot of spinach, collard green, parsley dandelion greens, kale or mustard greens too often. He loves veggies more than hay.

Do you want to learn more about Oxbow rabbit food? We have pages you should read before making a decision to buy. Additionally, we write a lot about a rabbit hutch, grooming and other things.

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