5 Key Facebook Marketing Tips

Posted by Melvin Willis on September 26th, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg has brought a beautiful gift for all of humanity- FACEBOOK.

The simplest yet mostinteractive medium!

If someone is interested in making new friends, none other than this platform will help him/her.Actually, it is the only medium that is hoisting its flag in every corner of the world proudly. Either in the urban locality or in the rural one;you can find Facebook users everywhere.

It is not just FACEBOOK, but it is FACE OF THE WORLD. Therefore,it is not only for personal use but Facebook can also prove lucrative in terms ofbusiness.It has been said in orderto stay updated about the happenings around the world, all you have to do iscreate an account on Facebook, where you will be able to gather all the relevant andlatest news or information.

For that reason, many social media marketing companies incorporate Facebook in their marketing agenda.

Let's figure out the five significantparameters through which you will acquire maximum visibility.

5 Facebook Marketing Weapons

  1. Posts/Blogs:

The main page of Facebook is the"News Feed" section, where users can see posts made by their friends and pages they are interested in. If posts are regularly updated on behalf of your business, those posts will be seen by many users and will eventually lead to a growth in business.In order to do that properly and in the most professional way, discover and hire the right Facebook advertising company in Lebanon to focus on your core business by creatingyour own blog and keeping it up-to-date with interesting information within the regular intervals of time.

  1. Encouraging Quotes:

One of the most effective ways of online advertising is the use of motivational quotes on your Facebook page. It is crucial to make sure that individuals don’tignore any post, and give them a reason to hit the button "like". Viewing and liking posts are important for the growth of a Facebook page. So, what are the perfect words to use, and when is

  1. Images(Lifestyle, quotes, funny pictures):

It is commonly said- "a picture is worth than 100 words." Therefore,it is essential to include images in the Facebook advertising schedule. Images about daily lifestyle, the latest updates in the technical world, inform about the current marketing strategy,and don’t forget the importance of funny quotes and pictures,seeing that the entertaining element is known to attract more users.

  1. Real Life Experiences:

Share real-life stories with the world. Narrate an incident in an attractive and compelling story in a way toattract the attention of the readers. In fact, people are interested in hearing out facts of other people. So, it is a highly favorable way to endorse your services.

  1. Videos  (2-4 per week):

With the still pictures in action, make room for the moving pictures in your procedure. Create short and sweet videos, include entertaining talesand facts to induce the users to "play" the video again and again.

In a Nutshell

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