Effective Ways Of Selling MTG Cards On EBay

Posted by THEODORE MILLER on September 26th, 2016

Selling MTG (Magic That Gathering) cards on eBay is really a good way of raising some money to buy new cards. Whether a huge chunk is being sold or singles are being sold, given below are few tips to make profits and sell mtg cards on eBay.

  1. Thorough research of all completed items

When you filter the search for seeing completed items, you would get a rough idea of the amount at which the Magic card is sold off late and also how many of them were sold. Ensure to include the shipping amount as well as the sale price when you do a comparison of items. Also, note ‘red’ items which haven’t received any bids.  You can even sell MTG Singles Online, considering you know the proper ways.

  1. Choose wisely between fixed prices and auction

Now when we talk about MTG Cards For Sale, you need to make a wise choice between auction and fixed price. When the card is sold in an auction format, there is a guarantee of it being sold, but often, the sale price is very low. On the other hand, if fixed price is chosen, buyers can come and buy them easily at decided prices. The choice of selling on fixed price or auction depends on how quickly those MTG cards have to be sold. If you aren’t in need of money at the moment, selling the cards at fixed price and waiting for prospective buyers would be very good.

  1. Accuracy is of utmost importance

Maximum possible information about the magic cards must be listed down. Check what is the condition of the cards. See what sets they belong to. If a large lot is being sold, give maximum possible details about the pictures and the notable cards. Check if they are useful or not.

  1. Wise prices!

If you have taken the decision of listing these MTG cards for sale at fixed prices, ensure that cards are priced similar as compared to others that are present in the market. If an auction is being used, the bid must be started low enough for encouraging bidding. However, they shouldn’t be sold lower than what one is comfortable in selling.  The listing must be started under a buck for saving all the fees. You must start listing at a given price for saving on fees. It is good to save on cards that are too much in demand.

  1. Ship safely and quickly

Top loaders must be used for shipping the magic cards, mainly for tracking. If buyers get the cards sooner, positive feedback would be received. The standard practice is shipping on the next business day.

  1. IT is important to have the right communication

Many a times, buyers send queries about the status of their cards which they have ordered. Give accurate and proper response at this time. Sometimes, you can make a sale by giving a quick reply to the prospective buyer.


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