Benefits of Countrywide Home Loans

Posted by Robbin K on September 26th, 2016

Countrywide home loans were introduced first with the intention of lending a helping hand to struggling home owners who could not pay their home-loans on time. The company claims to provide fast and dependable service to its customers. Millions of people since 1969 opted to avail the service of country wide pursuing the dream of owning a home. Today, Bank of America owns Countrywide.

Many features attract borrowers to country wide. The stream lined and easy loan procedure is the highlight of them. Customers can apply for a home loan by phone, at a local branch or through online facility. They get the opportunity to work and discuss matters with experts in these loans. These experts will guide you through the procedure, from beginning to end. The minimum paper work needed to get a country wide home-loan makes the whole process easy.

With the flexible Countrywide home loans you get to choose from number of options in loans. People with a bad credit history often find it difficult to get a loan. Country wide home loans have options to meet the needs of all types. Customers can opt for low or no down payment, one time close loan options and reduced rate options as per convenience.

Countrywide loans offer up to million for the customer. Whether you are purchasing a primary residence, a second residence or a property as investment does not matter to them. They are loans with fixed rate loans, adjustable rate loans or combination rate loans. Loan facilities for joint family and single family too are provided by them.

Being the top independent home loan lender, Country wide provides quality service to its customer throughout the day, throughout the week. Their representative is ever ready to help you over the phone or online. You can enjoy their uninterrupted service from the day you apply for their loan till you have completed the last payment.

You can select to finish the Country wide home loan procedure online, at a local branch office or over the phone. You can apply online through Country wide website. You will have to fill a short questionnaire. It will ask for your name, email address, address and contact number. If you have details regarding the property you wish to buy you can fill that in the questionnaire. If you do not have details Countrywide provides an approval process before hand for a precise amount. This permits you to locate a house within your resources.

Once the details are provided you will be handed over to a loan expert who will provide all the information you need and pick a loan program suitable for you. You can make use of the online loan advisor program to obtain an objective loan program reference.


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