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Posted by Norton Support on September 27th, 2016

Norton antivirus is trusted globally.  Millions across the different parts of the world make use of this antivirus. With every new edition, the antivirus program is getting empowered with more capabilities day by day. But at the same time, technical problems are also looming large with every new update. Users are encountering new types of issues with the program every time when they get new features and tools.  

Because of this thing, theSymantec 360 Support Services has gained tremendous significance over the years. There are many people across the world living in a sheer dilemma about an illusion [in fact] that the customer support for Norton is nothing but total money wastage.  They are actually wrong.  They have the misconception that the Norton software will always work positively and no problem shall come on the way but they are actually at a distance from truth. The truth is that the users can face the issues when they use this particular antivirus software.

Take for example; there are cases that during the Norton software installation, the user can face the problem of not being able to install any particular software of Norton. Another big issue that the user can face is the hanging of the PC immediately after the installation of the Norton software. There can be the problem regarding the improper functioning of various programs in the PC. This can happen immediately after the installation of the Norton antivirus software.

Other issue that can arise is that the PC on which the Norton antivirus software is installed will boot and reboot of its own. You need to know one thing that all these issues related to Norton can come up because of the problems related to the configuration, problems related to the incompatibility and inaccurate installation which is actually the most common issue. The reason for this is the overconfidence of the user and also the inexperience. He thinks he is doing the right kind of installation but there is lacking somewhere.  

This is the time when the user needs to know about the working of the PC and the software. If he knows this, he can sort out the issue by self but if he does not have the fair idea, there is need for the 360 Technical Support Service Phone Number either from a third party service provider or he can take the Norton help from the Symantec Corporation if the product is in the state of warranty.  The reason for the Norton support for the people is that they are not actually familiar with the inner operations of the PC and cannot rectify the issues as such by self.

Norton assistance is being offered by the genuine companies across USA and UK. Generally such companies operating in these developed nations and the budding economies have employed talented technical support engineers.  These guys are adept in providing the resolution related to the technical and the non-technical issues related to Norton.

The global customers have the provision to call these people at any point of time and describe the complete list of problems related to this antivirus for the end to end solution. In order to make the contact with these Norton experts, the global customer can straightway dial the Norton customer care helpline number.  One generally finds this customer care number mentioned on the official website of these customer support companies for Norton.

Removal of Norton GoBack                                   

You may want to reach the hard drive but Windows will not be able to witness it. The prime reason could be Norton GoBack. The main thing the Norton GoBack does is the overtaking of the MBR [master boot record] of Windows and generates its own restore points. Windows fails to detect the hard drive if there is the installation of Norton GoBack. You can make use of the utility for its removal before Windows recognizes hard drive. After this, you can burn this image to CD as ISO file. For booting the CD, you have to restart PC and then hit F12 continually till the popping up of one time boot selection.   

Thanks to the internet technologies, the world has become a small place in fact a global village. By typing the particular keywords like the reliable Norton customer technical support service provider, Norton antivirus support,Symantec 360 Customer Support Service, or other relevant searches, you will be able to trace these companies.

Note that for the resolution of the Norton issues, there is the need of the stable internet connection for the callers and also the stability of the telephone line. Generally the tech support is chargeable if the product is not in a state of warranty but the support is cost effective especially when you compare this type of Norton support with the support when the technician personally visits your home and looks at the problem. In the later case, the technician consumes more time and it is time wastage when we compare it to the pace with which the world is moving in the present times.  Generally, such type of support is taken rarely.

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