Top 7 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Good Ol? German Beer

Posted by john roone on September 27th, 2016

Contrary to popular beliefs, beer is good for your health. But, there is a catch; the benefits are only felt with average drinking habits. You have probably read several articles highlighting the benefits of wine. And in an almost similar fashion, you have to limit your daily intake. Following research by different institution, the following benefits have been documented to emanate from beer drinking:

  1. Good for the bones

What’s beer got to do with bones? Well, the good ol’ German beer or and many other beer varieties around the world have been proven to be a good source of bio available silicon. Silicon strengthens the skeletal system keeping the bone structure strong and healthy. Compared to bananas that give you 4% absorbable silicon, you bet around 64% silicon that is absorbed. Hops, the main ingredients in beer brew have active ingredients that slow down decalcification.

  1. Source of vitamins

While some people argue that beer has no benefits, science proves then wrong. Blue Lion Beer, the best German and Singaporean beer, as well as other types of beers is full with nutrients. If taken in moderation, beer could be a good alternative to supplements.

Beer has several B vitamins as well as minerals like calcium, selenium, magnesium, and iron. The latter is an important component of oxygen transporters in blood.

  1. Lowered risk of diabetes in women

The risk of developing type II diabetes is lowered in women whom drink about two drinks daily. The research undertaken shows a 40% lowered risk of developing the disease.

  1. Protection for the brain

No wonder Germans have sharp memory even in old age and they have less cases of neurodegenerative diseases reported. Drinking beer is protects your brain through a biomolecule called xanthohumol, found in hops. This component has anticancer and antioxidant benefits that slow down the development of neurodegenerative diseases.

  1. Protection to kidneys

Drinking of German beer Singapore and other countries across the globe has been associated with reduced cases of kidney stones. The high percentage of hops used in German beer and other excellent beers across the world could be the contributing factor to reduced cases of kidney diseases. By limiting release of calcium from bones, less is deposited in the kidneys. You should also consider the fact that you will make more trips to the loo when drinking beer, so, your kidneys stay functional and healthy.

  1. Enhanced immunity

Beer boosts you immunity. Research shows that beer has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. The latter effects protect your cells from damage while the former wards off infections.

  1. Healthy heart

Wine is praised for its immense benefits on the heart. Further research shows that beer helps the heart too. Beer thins blood, boosts the good cholesterol, HDL levels and lowers LDL levels. This results in less risk of heart attack and stroke.

In conclusion, you can enjoy your German beer comfortably keeping that you will reap some benefits, and not just a bad hangover. However, you shouldn’t drink too much because of impaired judgement that results in increased accident rates. Understand your body first before chugging down excess beer.

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