Why SMS Coupons are Better than Paper Coupons in Improving Customer Retention

Posted by NathanGabriel1 on September 27th, 2016

txtmeQuick Explore The Benefits Of Text Messaging For Your BusinessCoupons encourage customers to try your products and build your customer base in the process.  Although paper coupons can achieve the same objectives, SMS coupons offer many advantages to your marketing and retention efforts.


Firstly, text coupons are more convenient.  Paper coupons that customers need to cut from newspapers and magazines can be misplaced.  All that the customers need to do is present the text containing the coupon code when paying for their purchases.  


Second, traditional paper coupons also entail printing and delivery cost, whereas text coupons immediately into the customer’s inbox.  Batch text messages also cost less since you do not need to print a huge number of coupons or pay for mailing.


Third, SMS coupons are scanned during redemption that means you can track and measure the effective of your efforts.  It can also tell you a number of things, which you can use to improve your campaign.  For example, you can use three different codes in three different locations where you might draw in new customers.  Based on text coupon redemptions, you can determine the best location that attracted that most number of new subscribers and modify your campaigns accordingly.


Fourth, customers are always looking to save.  And one of the simplest ways to save money is by joining text subscription list of popular brands, restaurants, and grocery stores.  By signing up, you will be among the first ones to know when they have a sale going on.  It’s also common practice for businesses to send exclusive deals to their mobile subscribers.  


Lastly, text coupons have high redemption rates.  Since text messages have high open and read rates, SMS coupons are easily and frequently redeemed.  Your customers are more aware and they won’t have a hard time remembering where they placed it.


Need a quick approach to drive deals?  Start a mobile marketing campaign today and generate new leads with SMS coupons.