Hair on my hand, but not on my head!

Posted by Aaeesha on September 28th, 2016

Everyone's hair is unique and different, ranging from black to blonde in color, from dry to greasy in texture and from curly to straight in shape. Hair has many functions also it provides cooling to our heads during the heat keeps the same warm during cold and adds beauty to the face. There are also few issues pertaining to hair, the major of them are Grey hair, Hair loss and Damaged hair. Visiting a Hair treatment clinic will surely go a long way in rectifying them.

Common hair fall problems

Hair damage: Hair damage is wholly due to improper maintenance and over styling. This leads to hair being brittle, unmanageable and unruly. It will probably end up with heavy hair loss.

 Hair loss: The fear that grips anyone who likes their hair. Hair loss is a compulsory and inevitable process, excessive hair loss for men and women can also occur due to aging or as a side effect of medication, infection and exposure to radiation. Hair loss is best treated by a visit to a nearby hair treatment clinic.

The best way about hair loss is to prevent it. There are various treatments to hair loss depending upon the extent of hair lost and your budget. The recent development in dermatology has resulted in a number of hair specialists in Bangalore who intend to get rid of all your hair loss problems.

Treatment options

Hair loss occurs to everyone but normally in a non-synchronized cycle, this makes sure that all the hair doesn't fall of suddenly. Normally hair fall results in new hair growing back in the same region, but if it doesn't or if there is excessive hair fall then consulting a hair specialist in Bangalore is a good idea.

Treatments for Hair fall varies from drugs to hair transplant. Hair fall in men is testosterone induced. Drugs like Finasteride avoid testosterone induced hair fall. Substances like Minoxidil can be applied to counter hair fall. But they won't cure it, continuous use is recommended as if you stop then hair fall resumes. Hair transplant is a viable option if your budget has enough room. Hair pieces are kind of unsatisfactory as they have high maintenance costs and are prone to falling.

So visit a hair clinic close by to get all your hair related issues sorted out today!

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