Defending Tips

Posted by  wangwenjie on September 29th, 2016

Defending Tips

1. Make use of the Skill Games

The training mini-games in FIFA Coins for Sale will help you greatly improve your shielding abilities. When your practice achieves positive effects in the defensive Talent Games section, you can defend adequately.

2. Know tactics and the sort of players

To defend properly you need to first consider the type of tactics your team will be using. On the other hands, you must also know the kind of defenders you have, using them according thus to their strengths and weakness.

3. Contain the ball carrier's development

Many players wrongly rush towards attacker, both leaving an opponent free to obtain the ball, and facilitating a dribble from your adversary. The priority should be secure the ball carrier's progress, by pressing the Any (Xbox) or perhaps X (PS) - this can automatically place your defender in the opponent's path.

4. Avoid shots and passes across

It is always preferable to let the winger pass the ball to a colleague over them having crossed in the area or even run towards goal. Sometimes you just are unable to cover all angles, so make priorities and also choose wisely.

Preferable Tips: With LB (Xbox) or L1 (Ps3), you may request the help of an AI-controlled teammate, which will pressure this ball carrier. This technique is especially effective in midfield when you're trying to exert strong pressure. Using the right analog remain faithful to change the ball's direction away from your opponent.

Above tips you shall take note of it even if some might not effective. But you have and keep it in mind practicing can be a reliable way to enhance your performance in FIFA 17. The release of FIFA 17 in United states is near, do you get thrilled? If you need FIFA 17 coins while you are in the game, we fut16coin. com website offer you a big sale - cheap FIFA 17 coins. Don't worry about, we'll deliver your orders within few minutes once you've ordered. When you have problems, we'll help you out. Click our website to see more!.

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