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Posted by joseeliyo1232 on September 29th, 2016

We always want our buildings, infrastructure and other machineries to be durable and imperishable. But, these structures and equipments are generally constructed from the metals like iron and steel, which are highly corrosive and subjective to wear and tear. Coating of the infrastructures as well as objects with additives can prevent corrosion and degradation. Paint and metallic coating can protect the structures such as bridges, buildings, industrial plants and factories from decay caused due to environmental factors. Good quality of additives enhances the rheological properties, improving leveling, enhancing the pigment dispersing, decreasing foam, and thus creating a greater impact on coating.

Additives are added in small quantity but they create a large impact on the appearance and performance of the coating. For instance, Polyetheramine T5000 is a superior coating additive which provides stronger cross linking. It is thus used for imparting resistance to corrosion in epoxy-polyurethane system.

Similarly, there are other additives used for their distinct functions. These are generally of the following types:

· Wetting and dispersing additives: Wetting agents prevent the wetting of solids and dispersing agents prevent flocculation of particles because of steric effects.

· Flow and leveling additives: Polyether modified siloxanes and perfluro modified surface additives are used to decrease surface tension. They prevent thermal degradation and improve compatibility.

· Defoamers and deaeraters: These are anti-foaming agents. Polydimethylsiloxanes, certain alcohols, glycols are generally used as deforming agents. They destroy the air bubbles and thus breakdown the surface foam. These chemicals generally have low viscosity.

· Rheology modifiers: The modifiers prevent sedimentation of paint pigments. They are used to control the fluidity of paints. Jeffamine D230 is an agent generally used for this purpose because of its low viscosity.

· Driers and Catalysts: Driers are generally used to harden the paint and enhance its lubricating property. They also decrease brittleness. These agents are generally used for improving the quality of varnishes, paints and printing ink.

There are various companies which provide such coating for varied purposes. IRO Coating additive Co., Ltd. is one such company which provides various additives that can enhance the properties of a material. These additives are used as emulsions along with the paints for making the surface of the infrastructure scratch resistant.

About IRO Coating Additive Co., Ltd:

IRO Coating Additive Co., Ltd is one of the leading companies of Shandong, China. They supply prominent emulsifiers and additives like Jeffamine D400 and many more at reasonable costs. For more information, please visit

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