Keep The Deer Away From Your Garden With These Simple Tricks

Posted by dogdecoys on September 29th, 2016

When you plant a few trees or grow a small garden in your backyard, maintaining it is not a cake walk. You have to face a lot of struggle in this process. Plantation demands techniques regarding soil, water, suitable climate etc. While you might be visiting nurseries to know more about the upkeep of your small garden, there is one more issue that is a big trouble. Nosy animals like cats, dogs, deer, seagulls, rabbits etc. can be your biggest enemies. You will have to be a belligerent to tackle these nasty creatures. These little fluffy animals might also look cute but they are hazardous for your nascent garden and can ruin it overnight.
While these animals can give you a really hard time by visiting as unwanted guests, you can make use of many antidotal elements present in your house. Here are a few smart tricks to keep naughty animals away from your garden.
Kitchen Remedies - There are numerous items in your kitchen that can be mixed and stirred to make animal repellent solutions. For example, you can use vinegar and pepper for intense smell; animals remain away from the places where these are sprinkled. You can make deer spray for gardens at home by mixing water and pepper and spray it around your garden. There are few plants that have foul smell and keep the deer away from your garden. Plant a few of such plants around your garden. Orange and lemon peels are very effective in keeping the cats away.
Physical Barrier - Physical barriers are a very effective way to deter wild animals from entering your garden and eating fruits and vegetables. You can make fence of prickly wires or a string binding aluminum cans and spare bottles. The noise of such string will make the animals afraid of human presence. You can use a trap to catch small animals if there are only a few.
Smart Ways - There are other smart ways available in market such as artificial watchdogs. You can buy these items and simply place them in the center of your garden. This will make animals confused and they won’t dare to harm your plants.
Be watchful while using these tips, don’t harm yourself or injure or kill animals accidentally.
Author’s Bio: The author is an online blogger. In the above article, she writes about tips and tricks to keep the deer away from your garden

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