Meditation Techniques - A Natural Way to Remain Fit and Fine

Posted by deven utekar on September 30th, 2016

The term meditation is not new to the present world. In fact, it's been one of those ancient arts in maintaining your body mechanism. Although the concept of meditation rose with the saints, the importance of the meditation techniques came to be realized in the later part of the 20th century. Compared to the earlier times, the new age has brought more newer and effective meditation techniques. In today's world, meditation is a must because it's impossible for the human mind and body to relax while tackling daily tensions and worries. The prevalent techniques of meditation can be divided into two categories - Concentrative meditation and Zen-based meditation.

 To kick off with concentrative meditation, it focuses on the breath based on a sound mantra that helps the mind achieve relaxation and get rid of fickleness. One of the fundamentals of concentrative techniques is to sit calmly and concentrate on the working of your breath.

 According to the age-old belief of the yoga practitioners, meditation introduces a direct correlation between one's breath and state of mind. For instance, if a person is agitated or frightened, his breath tends to turn shallow and uneven. On the contrary, a slow and deep breath is observed in case of a calm mind. This is one of the meditation techniques to test your mental equilibrium.

 One of the vital meditation techniques for anxiety is to get into the regular habit of inhalation and exhalation. This helps to sharpen your focus and enhances your imaginative and concentration power. While you focus on your breath awareness, your mind takes up the rhythm of inhalation and exhalation. Therefore, your breathing gradually slows and your mind gains tranquility and calmness. This is one of the most efficacious meditation techniques that bring stunning results in your work place and lets you accomplish your work targets quite comfortably.

 Zen based or mindfulness meditation is meant to focus on the sensations and perceptions passing to and fro within a human body. It's one of those meditation techniques that help to control your feelings, emotions and anger. This wonderful Meditation Techniques  also makes you aware of images, thoughts, sounds and even smells. Here, you simply need to sit quietly and witness everything that passes through your mind. While your brain conjures certain memories, thoughts and worries, you are not supposed to react and should instead sit calmly and observe. Its undoubtedly one of those brilliant techniques that helps you to get rid of worries and anxieties.

 Yoga Nidra helps you achieve a complete detached frame of mind. These techniques for anxiety are ideal for reducing anxiety to a great extent. Yoga helps the individual to penetrate into the inner recesses of mind and concentrate harder. Moreover, yoga is regarded among the best meditation techniques for anxiety. If you are a regular victim to anxieties, there cannot be anything better than opting for yoga. Meditative practices such as Mantra yoga enables the mind to focus on a sacred sound made with the help of a ritualistic chanting. If you want to know more about other techniques, go online and get in touch with an online meditation instructor.


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