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For the Love of Boots

Posted by sarthakkmryadav on September 30th, 2016

A trouser can be tailored for a proper fit, an ill-fitting shirt can be hidden under a smart jacket, but can you hide untrendy boots? Revamping your shoe closet from time to time is as important as all the other practices of your dressing up routine.

Desert Boots

The first thing that comes to the mind when someone says “boots” is strong high-ankle leather footwear that is meant to be worn in winters. But there are boots which can be worn in other seasons when the only purpose is not to save your feet from the cold. Desert boots is the name. A versatile pair to have in your wardrobe, Desert boots are generally tough and can withstand most situations which also mean they are long lasting and robust, like most boots are supposed to be. Though available in multiple colours from orange to blue and what not, browns are the most preferred ones, and go well with almost all coloured and non-coloured outfits. These boots are light in weight and have laces with metal holes for utmost support and flexible fitting. Originally, such boots were made only from velvet and leather. However, these days you’ll find varieties in faux leather and suede. It shouldn’t be surprising to know that Clarks is one of the oldest desert boot manufacturers, the brand which has made them a people’s favorite.

Combat Boots

The second kind of boots that is stylish and extremely masculine is the Combat boots. These were only worn by military men once upon a time but today, they are a fashion statement. You’ll find several reasons to wear them, one of them being comfort especially in autumn or winters. Well-chosen combat boots can be the best thing in your shoes collection. These are not just durable but a piece of footwear that’ll neither go out of fashion nor lose its charm. Most of them are made in pure leather for maximum strength. However suede options are also made these days. The most versatile kinds are those with simple details in basic colours like brown, beige, tan, olive green and black. For fashion and experimentation, you’ll also find combat boots with embellishments like zips, buckles and fancy metallic patterns. These generally are accompanied by higher heels and thick sole which helps attain a few inches in height.

Chelsea Boots

One for the urban jungle, highly contented and sturdy, are the Chelsea boots. These are typically ankle length and have rounded toes. What differentiates them from the other two types is that they contain a vamp and quarters which meet at the ankle and extends down to a piece of elastic or rubber around the ankle. These are more dressy and informal as compared to combat boots.

These three varieties of men boots are multipurpose and can be paired with everything; with jeans, chinos as well as pants. Always look good, don the right boot for a look to boot.

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