Guide for Choosing Propylene Glycol Coolant for Stationary Engines

Posted by Novamen on October 3rd, 2016

Coolant, which is also known as ‘antifreeze’, is an essential element that protects the engine from freezing while preventing corrosion and sustaining the overall heat balance in the engine. Coolant removes heat, making it important for stationary engines used in heavy machinery, power generators, and natural gas compression machines. Propylene glycol is one of the types of coolants you can consider for those applications. Use this simple guide for choosing propylene glycol coolant for stationary engines:

Learn what it is made of – Look for propylene glycol coolant that is blended with a nitrite inhibitor and phosphate package for superior protection against liner pitting, the formation of scales, and cavitation erosion. Make sure it is buffered so alkalinity can be preserved at acceptable levels. One of the leading chemical distributors and suppliers of High-Quality Propylene Glycol Coolant offers a quality product with a clear, nearly colorless appearance.

Make sure it is suitable for all stationary engines – Consider the types of engines you own. High-end propylene glycol coolant should be suitable for all types of engines, like the ones made by Waukesha, White Superior, and Caterpillar. High-quality coolant is formulated to effectively protect industrial engines, whether it is made of mixed or single alloys.

Choose propylene glycol coolant with industrial strength corrosion control inhibitors – The specially formulated inhibitors should extend the coolant’s service life, achieving a higher level of reserve alkalinity and superior performance. Likewise, it can minimize maintenance through reinhibiting, all of which will enhance your bottom line cost.

Make sure it is high-quality propylene glycol coolant – Consider a product that is backed by a reliable quality assurance program from the manufacturer. It should provide you with glycol sample recommendations and analysis at no extra cost to ensure the best performance.

Find out how it is supplied – Propylene glycol coolant can be purchased according to your specifications for the freeze, burst, and/or boiling protection you require, pre-blended with deionized water or in 100% concentrated form. Make sure it is compatible with a wide variety of industrial propylene glycol-based coolants used in stationary engines.

Find out where it comes from – Buy propylene glycol coolant only from a reputable chemical distributor and supplier that is known to customers in various industries in your area.

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