Motorhomes On Rent for Travelling: Are You Ready for A New Lifestyle?

Posted by justin copper on October 3rd, 2016

With the rising popularity of long trips and the rise of the very new-age traveller, there is no longer a shortage of motorhomes on rent in Canada. But then the RV lifestyle is not for everyone. If you are too excited to take motorhomes on rent for travelling, it is time to first understand how what a motorhome life looks like.

1. The Detachment:
The first thing that comes with RV living is the distance between you and people, unless you are travelling in a group. But this is a good thing because less socializing would givegives you more time for introspection, exploration and the freedom to do things the way you want without fear of ridicule. Not just that, RV living would makemakes you more self-reliant, confident and much stronger. It doesn’t matter for how long you would be travelling in your motorhome, because even shorter trips will teach you a lot.

You learn to sort out the most important from the junk because you learn that you can’t carry your world when you are on the move.
You learn to pack up more efficiently even though you may enjoy the reduced need for packing now.
You also get freedom from rush hours and traffic jams.
You learn to be less stressful.
You learn how to lower your cost of living without compromising on how you enjoy life.
You get detached from the complications of an urban life which does wonders to your spirits and health.

2. New Attachments:
It is almost like a law of nature that when you get detached from one aspect of your life, you end up making new connections and, in the process, get attached to a new aspect.

The attachment with nature starts to turn you into a responsible, eco-friendly person who knows, values, practices and preaches sustainable living. You lower your carbon footprint automatically and consume less energy.
Your new-found love for adventure and exploration gets you connected with like-minded people who too despise the complicated nature of urban living.
You get more attached to yourself, becoming a little self-centered in a healthy way. You start to take better care of yourself and ultimately, turn into a happier person who is always in a good mood.

3. The Thrill:
The final perk of living in a motorhome and moving around is the thrill. You feel a jolt of independence which takes you to places you had never seen before. Certainly, life starts to get better with an exciting purpose of learning, interacting with and discovering new places and new people.

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