The business side of particle detection ? Why your equipment is your risk manage

Posted by Elite Internet Technologies on October 3rd, 2016

If you’re on the business side of any organization that uses particle detection technologies, you may find the technicalities demanding. You’ll also know the story about the value of this technology on the job. You may not recognize, however, the real value as risk management tools.

Particle detection is one of the highest value of all quality assurance technologies. It is used in just about all areas of materials science, in some form, and in endless varieties in manufacturing of all kinds.

Recent advances in particle detection have made a huge difference in the quality of materials and products coming on the market. The risk management factor quite literally starts at the very beginning. The materials used in manufacturing are subjected to stringent checks for contamination. Contamination is a common problem when handling highly refined materials.

It is also an expensive problem. At the design phase, unwanted particles represent a potentially serious, and often costly, problem. Particles may enter the production chain at any point. Many of these particles are the products of environmental factors, some are the result of processes.

The contaminants, however, represent real risks. In products, they are the tell-tale sign of potential weaknesses. In materials, they may represent contamination in the products themselves.

Particle detection is the surest, and certainly the most accurate, way of detecting problems at all stages of production. Modern particle detection is so sensitive about the most minute particles can be found and identified quickly and simply.

When these technologies are used to detect particles in products, the business end of the equation is very high value. Identifying contaminants at the earliest possible stage allows quick rectification and risk avoidance.

A company called B & W Engineering is a good example of the latest particle detection products on the market. Their new methods of detecting particles in products are the current benchmark standard of manufacturing. To find out more about this company and see the risk management process at work, visit their website here at Compare their products to your existing products, and consider your options for upgrading your risk management equipment.

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