Use environmental test equipment to ensure high quality manufacturing

Posted by Elite Internet Technologies on October 3rd, 2016

There are large numbers of different kinds of equipment designed specifically to test products in many industries including space engineering, automobile, medical and pharmaceutical, electronics, construction, packaging and food. These industries use test equipment to ensure reliability of their product but also for environmental factors, quality and durability.

Particle detection is one of the most important of these processes. Testing for atmospheric particles, for example, is a critical issue in the food industry and pharmaceuticals. Any kind of contamination, particularly organic contamination, can represent huge liabilities, lost production, and even potential class actions.

Another, obvious issue is the need to regularly test product quality. In pharmaceuticals and food, ingredients are required to meet statutory standards. In high-end manufacturing, materials must meet standards which are equally high, both at required industrial standards and at production quality standards.

Environmental test equipment at this level must be of a very high standard itself. The latest articles detection equipment coming on the market can be calibrated in many different ways. The need is to the able to detect a range of possible issues ASAP, to prevent losses and avert major risk issues.

A good example of the latest types of this equipment coming on the market is a company called B&W Engineering Corporation, a leading manufacturer of different types of particle detection equipment. They provide a broad range of products and services, including the new digital random vibration controller testing services to manufacturers of all kinds in many different sectors. Many of these products are designed for multiple vibration frequency testing, which is a comprehensive, do-everything form of particle testing.

If you visit their website here at, you will note that the company’s range of services includes both standard equipment, multi-testing and custom testing options. The rapidly evolving state of materials science, manufacturing, and other forms of production is about things are rapidly that in many cases, custom solutions are required to solve unique testing issues.

(If you’d like to enquire about engaging the services of this company, you can contact them directly online or by phone.)

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