What to do when arrested for DUI or DWI?

Posted by John Smith on October 4th, 2016

Have you been involved in a Drinking Under Influence or Drinking While Intoxicated crime? Well, if it is your first arrest, you must surely be nervous and anxious. Just imagine- you and your friends are celebrating the bachelor’s party of a friend or have gathered for a promotion party or it is just a friends’ get-together. Whatever the event, you are your friends get drunk and party till the wee hours of the morning. Then you say goodbyes to your friends and start driving towards your home. In the fun of the party, you actually forget that drinking and driving is a crime.

The next thing you remember is that you have been signaled by a traffic police car to stop. You immediately start to worry but there is no other choice. You stop and come out of your vehicle. The traffic police immediately sense that you are drunk and take the test. You cannot stop shaking when you are arrested from Drinking and driving crime. But it is already done. So, what can you do now? Well, the right step here is to think straight and do not panic in such situation. It is surely easier said than done, but still panicking will solve nothing.

Instead, call your relative or a loved one and immediately request then to hire a prominent Lubbock Attorney for you. An attorney that specializes in DUI or DWI crime can act as your savior. With significant experience about similar cases, they will instantly come to your rescue. First they will file for your bail and get to out of the prison at the earliest. Once you are out of the prison, they will clearly ask you about your case. They will ask you to narrate the entire incident and accordingly they will prepare your case.

The Attorney Lubbock, with significant qualification and experience, know all the techniques of getting minimum punishment for you. The area well versed with the fact that being involved in a DUI or DWI crime can have significant affect on your personal and professional life. No office wants to associate themselves with a criminal. So, if you get jail punishment for the crime, you may end up losing your job and the lifestyle you have been used to. Additionally, your loved ones and relatives may start ignoring you or looking you with skepticism.

So, the Attorney Lubbock-Texas, will use all their experience and knowledge to ensure that you get no or minimal punishment. They will even try to protect your driving license from getting suspended. All in all, you can breathe a sigh of relief as the attorney will protect you from what could have turned out to be disastrous!

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