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Posted by Windows Support on October 4th, 2016

If you have opted for Windows 10 as an operating system on your PC, you can do great things with the features associated with it. The great features that are associated with the Windows 10 become fully alive when you are using this advanced operating system on the latest gadgets. Yes, the truth is this advanced operating system will not show the compatibility with the PC of the older version.

Giving the more comprehensive security with Windows 10

If the Windows 10 is not showing compatibility with the PC you use, then you can go for theMicrosoft® Tech Support Services for Windows Help because as a lay man with no prior knowledge, it is an alternative or if you are already having a solution, then you can probably solve the compatibility issue by self. The reality is Windows 10 is more secure because it is associated with the safer authentication and comprises of the powerful in-built security features.

With the continual updates associated with the Windows 10, it is like a lifetime support for the device. Windows Hello provides you the option of password free sign –in and because of this, the security factor increases as far as the unlocking of the Windows devices are concerned.

Windows 10 provides you the comprehensive protection through the firewall, antivirus, anti-phishing and the defender technologies. All this is a lifetime support for your device and you can get it confirmed, if you do not believe, by going for the  Microsoft Windows Customer Service Phone Support. Microsoft provides such services for the benefit of the customer. You also have the option to make the productivity double by going for the tools that are more innovative. By such tools, you stay organized and capture various notions that are new to you but can be surely beneficial in the long run.

Going beyond browsing with the help of Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is made for the Windows 10. When it comes to doing the things online, this is more personal and responsive. You have the option to write on the web-pages in a direct manner, mark up sharing as well as using the extensions. You can transform the ideas into motion with the help of Window ink. You can capture the notes and ideas in a natural way and there is no need of getting logged in. Windows 10 is associated with the multi-tasking tools. For knowing more about them with the detailed descriptions to keep in your knowledge, you can also dial the  Technical Support Service Phone Number for Microsoft Windows. Some of the multitasking tools are custom start menu, live tiles, start assistant, task view, virtual desktops and this is for keeping you focused and organized.

Windows 10 -- Best for Gaming

With the help of Windows 10, you have the option to play the Xbox games. DirectX provides the exceptional performance. With the help of Xbox app, you are in touch with the gaming community. By this, you can play anywhere with the help of in-home streaming.

Comprehensive Security Option- an admirable tool

   1. Malware is a big enemy

Windows defender provides the solution for the antivirus security and it also gives the real time protection against the software threats across the areas like web, cloud and email.  Windows defender is a strong wall against the malware. It is not just for the detection of the spyware, malware and the viruses; it is for their removal as well.

   2. Windows firewall

By the help of Windows 10 firewall, there is the protection of the network. By this, the hackers and the malicious data cannot come near the PC. It creates the protection wall between the external world and the PC.

   3. SmartScreen Filter - an online protection

By the help of SmartScreen filter, you get the online protection cover for the Windows, Microsoft Edge and Windows Explorer browsers. By this, you will have the freedom from the harmful downloads and websites. Online protection for the Windows 10 can also be initiated by visiting the Windows Customer Care. http://microsoft-windows-support.com

   4. Windows 10 defrag support

 You computer can slow down because of the file fragmentation.  For this, you can approach the Optimize drives menu. In the Cortana search box, you have to type Defrag.  On the lower left side of the desktop by the side of the search button, you will find Cortana search box. You have to click on the defragment and the optimize drives. By this, the optimize drives dialogue box will be opened.  Log onto www.customerhelp.support/windows-help-and-support If you have not signed in the Administrative account, make a right click. Now, you can highlight the particular drive you are interested in defragging. You can see the present status in the last column for each drive that is listed. This will tell about the fragmentation level of drive.

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