Rabbit Meats Are Healthy Natural Treats For Dogs

Posted by Barry allen on October 5th, 2016

If you want to pamper your dog with treats, you should choose natural and healthy options. And rabbit jerky dog treats are the best among those healthy options because of the following reasons.

    Rabbit meat is white:
White meat is known for being the healthier meat choice overall. And rabbit meat, being all white, tends to be easily digested by the dogs, doesn’t let them put on weight and is also good for their heart.

    Rabbit meat is high on proteins:
When compared with meats from chicken, lamb, beef, duck and others, rabbit meat has a higher concentration of lean protein which would help your dog gain the much needed muscle mass instead of belly fat or unhealthy tires.

    It is lower in cholesterol:
The lower level of cholesterol in rabbit meat is another reason that makes it one of the healthy natural treats for dogs. It also has all the good fats needed to keep the dog’s coat shiny and their joints lubricated and healthy.

    Rabbits can supply a good dose of vitamin B12:
Rabbit treats are loaded with vitamin B12, a nutrient that keeps the nervous system of your pet running well. The vitamin also promotes a healthy cell growth and keeping up their levels of energy.

    It would be a new protein:
It is very likely that your dog mustn’t have had this kind of protein before. So, it would be a great food that would get absorbed in the body well, leading to maximum benefit.

    They taste amazing:
What better reason to serve a particular food than its taste? Your dog would totally love this new texture and flavor and would truly enjoy the treats whenever you serve it to them.

While rabbit treats are a very healthy alternative to other meat treats meant for dogs, you shouldn’t forget that the same rules of moderation still apply. Treats should never be given to dogs in excess as they can make them put on weight and kill their healthy appetite. It is best to reserve these treats as rewards for good behavior so that your dog also learns to value them. That way, it would become easier to train them. Also, the best way to keep your dog in good shape is by giving them sufficient playtime. They should be taken on walks and you should play with them, make them run and maintain good exercise time.

Author’s bio: The author is a blogger. This article talks about the health benefits of rabbit jerky dog treats. For more information visit:www.northcoastpets.com

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