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How To Shop Flowers In Medford, Oregon According To Their Meanings?

Posted by lyrickiara on October 5th, 2016

Flowers are beautiful. Whether left untouched on the plants or displayed in a vase or presented to send across a message, they are beautiful to look at as well as when we take a sniff. Even if they don’t have an alluring perfume, they smell of the earth, of nature and that is what makes them appealing anyway.

Flowers also hold a meaning according to their type and colour. We know that the red rose is a universal symbol of love and romance. Similarly, cultural beliefs and traditions have given almost every flower a certain meaning. So, if you know those meanings, it would become really interesting to shop flowers in Medford, Oregon the next time.

    Anthurium: These red, leaf-like flowers are a symbol of hospitality, abundance and happiness.
    Bird of Paradise: This flower denotes magnificence and wonderful anticipation.
    Hyacinth: This flower blooms in many colors and each color has its own meaning. For instance, the blue hyacinth denotes constancy and yellow conveys jealousy. On the other hand, red, pink and white are all a symbol of loveliness.
    Lily: You would easily find lilies at all flower shops in Medford, Oregon. But just like the Hyacinth, the lily has differing meanings as per its variety:
-Easter lily: Often associated with the Virgin Mary.
-Calla lily: A combined representation of beauty, magnificence, purity and innocence.
-Orange lilies: They stand for passion.
-Lily of the valley: A symbol of a sweet heart.
-Yellow lilies: They denote gaiety.
    Iris: The velvety appearance of the Iris is as striking as its colour. Equally sweet are the emotions that it sums up: Faith and hope.
    Orchid: The moment we look at an orchid, we seem to be reminded of how exotic it is. Quite naturally, the meanings of this flower are associated with pride, glory, refinement and charm.
    Roses: Red roses are an expression of love, white for admiration and new beginnings. Then there are yellow roses that denote friendship and black ones that are indicators of death or farewell.
    Tulip: Just like the red rose, the tulip is another open declaration of love!
    Peony: The subtle beauty of peony blossoms has been interpreted in many ways. So, a peony generally has many meanings which include compassion, a happy marriage, apology, prosperity and vitality.
    Daisy: They look cheerful and that is what they stand for.
    Carnation: Much like the orchid, the carnation is a clear symbol of pride and admiration.

Author’s bio: The author is a blogger. This article explains floral meanings so that it becomes more interesting to shop flowers in Medford, Oregon.

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