Leisurely Cruise Along the Rural Mae Taeng River by Bamboo River Rafting

Posted by Howie’s HomeStay on October 5th, 2016

Mae Taeng River is one of the must-see attractions in northern Thailand. In fact, a holiday in Chiang Mai may not be complete without seeing and experiencing the river. While it is famous for activities like white water rafting, bamboo river rafting is another way to experience Mae Taeng River in case you prefer a more leisurely and relaxing ride. Perfect for families and couples, bamboo river rafting takes you on a leisurely cruise along Mae Taeng River for about 45 minutes. The cruise lets you enjoy the scenery as you relax while letting skilled rafts men navigate and ferry you down the river, passing through stunning greenery and farm houses. This leisurely bamboo river raft cruise along the Mae Taeng River is the perfect way to cap an elephant ride and ox-cart ride through the jungles, fruit plantations, and fields in Mae Taman Elephant Camp.

About Mae Taeng River

Also known for its nickname, ‘Taeng River,’ Mae Taeng is the tributary of Ping River, one of the main contributories of Chao Phraya River. It starts in Wiang Haeng District’s Daen Lao Range in Chiang Mai, close to the border with Burma, and it flows through the district of Chiang Dao and Mae Taeng to separate Daen Lao Range and Thanon Thong Chai Range, into Ping River. The river originates high in the mountains, and it winds down canyons and valleys. The presence of several grade three to five rapids make it a popular destination for white water rafting, but areas where the waters are calm are conducive for slow and leisurely rides aboard a bamboo river raft.

Things to enjoy in Mae Taeng River

A cruise along the rural Mae Taeng River on a bamboo raft is part of a day itinerary of activities when you travel north of Chiang Mai to see Mae Taman Elephant Camp. The area is known for its breathtaking mountain scenery and lush greenery, as well as for its teak forests and scenic hilly trails. Mae Taeng River should be an unforgettable experience for visitors as the valley offers great views of the local wildlife and the lush jungle. You may be able to meet exotic hill tribes, too. Of course, all tours and activities are guided, and you will be personally accompanied by an experienced local.

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Tim Davies of Howie’s HomeStay is a Chiang Mai citizen and blogger with good personal knowledge of Chiang Mai and the surrounding Northern Thailand area. He is also well connected to the travel and hospitality industry both in Thailand and globally.

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