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Posted by peclights on October 5th, 2016

It is the duty of house owner to ensure safety of the house and security of all the occupants. Accidents can occur anytime at homes of which fire accidents are most devastating. Whatever fire touches it either gets reduced to ashes completely or severely burnt. Fire can create most horrible destructions. Fire accidents can happen at home or offices for several reasons. When there is fire, smoke is sure to accompany it. If smoke can be detected at an advance stage only, then may be chances of serious fire accidents can be stopped from happening. Battery Smoke Alarmis therefore recommended to be installed effectively at homes or offices and anywhere wherever there is a chance of fire accidents.

Battery Smoke Alarms are those alarms that are operated by batteries. Recently manufactures smoke alarms have more efficient sirens so using high voltage is not required. Thus some bucks gets saved on paying electricity bills. Two or three AA’s can be used as the smoke alarm batteries. Changing batteries twice a year is not necessary and also leads to wastage of the batteries. Lithium batteries or rechargeable 9V batteries can be opted for instead as the first one last for about 4 years and the second one obviously being the rechargeable one, needs no changing much. Lithium batteries are generally popularly used and also best.

Remember rechargeable batteries are not generally designed for smoke alarms and they might lose their charge more frequently also. They are known to provide inconsistent charge and voltage drops are experienced faster in case of rechargeable batteries.

With time alarms get less sensitive to smoke so changing them after considerable number of years like 10 years is recommended for smoke alarms. Photoelectric and Ionizing are two kinds of smoke alarms one usually gets in the market. For smoky fires where flame is less but smoke is intense the photoelectric one is suitable. Something burning slowly or when the fire has just caught with no intensity still noticed, the photoelectric smoke alarm can be very helpful in alerting the house owner. For flaming fires where the fire accident has already started getting serious, Ionizing alarms are best suited. However, users have become smarter with better option available where both the types can be found in harmonious combination form in Dual-Processor smoke alarms.

Please note that ‘hush buttons’ in battery smoke alarms should not be pressed more than once to silence it. Always position them away from ceiling fans and at least 4 inches from the wall. Also do not place them near heating or cooling registers.

From lithium battery longevity point of view, Ionizing alarms are an economy option compared to Photo electric alarms. This is because lithium batteries last upto 7 years in ionizing alarms whereas only 2 years in photoelectric ones. However make sure that in kitchen you install only photoelectric alarms or else be prepared to get several panics in a day time due to false fire alarm! Every time cooking is done the alarm will keeping playing the siren.

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