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Posted by junglewala on October 6th, 2016

If you love traveling and exploring the beauty the nature in more adventurous ways, then National parks and wildlife safari in India is right choice for you. Plan a trip to wild safari and explore the wild side of the nature.

wildlife safari in India

India is a famous destination for wildlife tourism. There are several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries  containing various animals and rare species of wildlife. Visit the popular and popular wildlife parks to see a flurry of flora and fauna. Jungle safari is the ideal means to observe the elements of Indian wilderness. 


Bandavgarh, Madhya Pradesh is one of the  best places to get the chance of seeing a wild tiger.An added attraction is that the village of Tala, right by the park's main gate, has a great choice of accommodation to suit all budgets, meaning that unlike some other parks this one's not only for the rich, the beauty and excitement of Bandhavgarh is for all.

Kanha,Madhya Pradesh, the core of Madhya Pradesh is one of the most enriched tiger territories in the country. Surrounded with five of these parks here you can get a  chance to plan a rendezvous. Add to that the fact that you can really go deep into the forest here, thanks to the park's huge core area surrounded by a large buffer zone, and you have yourself a complete safari experience, rather than the rush-and-grab outings. Perfect for those who love adventure and camp life, Kanha tour packages has all the excitement for you.

Sunderbans, West Bengal is the best place to see Bengal tigers - more than two hundred by some counts! The swampy terrain, though, means seeing one of them is extremely rare, but you'll have great fun trying.Originally called Hailey National Park, Corbett opened in 1936 and is India's oldest tiger park. Corbett is also one of the few parks in northern India with wild elephants, and chances of seeing them here are very good indeed.

The fun is just getting started; you have to come here  to make your wildlife safari list.

He’s hiding there ,Be careful

There are 49 tiger reserves in India, which are governed by Project Tiger which is administered by the National Tiger Conservation Authority. India is home to 70 percent of tigers in the world. The reserves were categorized into four major categories. Karnataka has the highest number of tigers in the age group of 1.5 years with more 408 big cats. Other states with significant populations included Uttarakhand (340), Madhya Pradesh (308), Tamil Nadu (229), Maharashtra (190), Assam (167), Kerala (136) and Uttar Pradesh (117).

Approval has been accorded by the NTCA for the creation of four new tiger reserves, and the sites are: Ratapani Tiger Reserve (Madhya Pradesh), Sunabeda Tiger Reserve (Odisha), and Guru Ghasidas (Chhattisgarh). 

Most of the animal lovers travel to India to see Tigers in the wild; after all it is the most photographed mammals on our planet. The history, the mystery, the enigma attached to them is unparalleled. But to say that India has only the Tiger to offer will be incorrect. India is one of the richest bio-diverse regions of the world. Apart from them, India is home to Asian Elephants, One Horned Rhinos, Asiatic Lions, Snow Leopards, Gharials, and more than 170 critically endangered species.

The tour package of Khajuraho, Bandavgarh, Kanha, Nagpur and Delhi consists of two  reserves along with a place of brilliant historic architecture. Another wildlife tour, gaining momentum for its breathtaking landscapes and birdwatching opportunities is the tour to the interiors of Leh. Places like Zingchan, Rumbak, Puga, Nanchang La, Polo Konga, Tso Kar and Taklang La are places considered to be heaven for bird-watchers.

Mother Nature has blessed this country with some of the unique species of animals and birds that you can view located in different national parks of India through wildlife safaris.

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