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Posted by engineering on October 6th, 2016

When it comes to environmental compliance management, most companies think about the roles of effective energy usage and waste recycling. However, for companies involved within the mechanical or electrical engineering industry, the whole concept of environmental compliance incorporates far more complex concepts, particularly when the products of a company are shipped from one country to another.  

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The RoHS, REACH and WEEE EU regulations do not simply affect the companies that are based within Europe. They affect every business firm that trades with European Union. Nowadays many other associated markets are governed by the laws that are related to the ones operating within EU. It is due to this reason that REACH and RoHS compliance have now become global issues, which has made environmental compliance management a must for all engineering companies, even those that are trading only within local markets.


While considering the different aspects of environmental compliance, a company needs to consider various political issues and global conflict and the serious harm that the products of the company may cause to the environment. For instance, if a company is making use of products that implement conflict minerals, then inadvertently the company is playing a role in an international political problem. While working with conflict minerals has got nothing really to do with REACH regulations, it certainly plays a crucial role in relation with Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that was signed in July 2010 by President Obama and came into effect from April 2011.

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This particular Act encouraged a major reform of financial regulatory system of the US. Among the various tenets that were involved with this reform, it required any company listed within the US Stock Exchange to declare any kind of Conflict Minerals that are mined in DRC zone. This included any mineral that is mined in Democratic Republic of Congo as well as adjoining African countries that are currently suffering from armed conflict. As numerous global mandates pertaining to environmental compliance are now in force, various companies associated with the engineering industry are turning to companies that can offer them with reliable environment compliance services. The leading companies involved in the environment compliance industry can offer a range of comprehensive environmental compliance services to their clients that cover everything from Dodd–Frank mandate to the ROHS compliance. These companies play a crucial role to make sure that engineering firms are following all the local and international environment compliance regulations at every facet of their production activities.   

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