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Posted by Parallel Support on October 6th, 2016

In today’s world of “Big Data,” the size of data files and folders that we store on our computer system and share them over the network does matter a lot. As the requirements increase, the need for large hard disk space does also grow. But with the availability of so many options and methods to resize the hard disk space, it is now no longer a challenging condition when your computer system runs out of hard drive space. http://www.customerhelp.support/parallels-technical-support

Today, we see the computer systems with 500+ GB hard drive space – not to specify here that we do also have an option of cloud storage. However, there comes a situation when you require expertise to increase the space manually on your Mac computer while installing Windows operating system on Mac through the Parallels virtual machine. If there is not as much space as recommended, it shows an error message that your computer system is running out of hard drive space and you need to expand the size of your virtual machine.

Good news is that you are quite within the reach of a reliable  Parallels Help Support Center and you can access all types of technical solutions to make the things easy and convenient. Though the steps and technical methods involved are not as much challenging for a user, however, you should be in touch with an expert so as to make sure every step goes flawlessly.


You see an error message that your computer system is running out of hard drive space and it requires resizing the space.


Sometimes, you cannot expand the size of the virtual hard disk simply because it is impossible to expand the size beyond the limit set in Parallels configuration – what is required here to expand the limit manually.

It is worth noting that the techniques and instructions mentioned in this article for manual expansion are not appropriate for Boot Camp virtual machines. You cannot expand the primary partition size in Boot Camp virtual machine. For any technical obstacle, you would better access parallels support and get all appropriate solutions that can help you resolve all issues immediately.

You apply the technique to Parallels Desktop for Mac and Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition.

What to take care of:

As usual, it is a good habit to back up all your data files safely before you execute the backup process. In this process, you can make the best use of Mac OS X’s built-in Time Machine. It executes the process automatically.

If there is an issue, you can also get for a manual backup – copying the data files and pasting the same on other storage media. Though it all involves your important company data files, you should be a little bit cautious during the entire procedure. Access a reliable customer support service for Parallels and ensure a safe and secure data backup. http://www.customerhelp.support/support-phone-number-parallels

Here is the process to resize hard disk space for Windows Virtual Machine:

  • Launch Parallels Desktop
  • Do a right click on the icon and select Control Center
  • Again click the Virtual Machine and choose Configure
  • Click Hardware tab, open Hard Disk 1, and click Edit
  • Check the “Resize file system” and then click apply to expand the hard drive space
  • Before closing down the window, you should check properly if resizing hard drive space has worked out. Check the available space

You can use some commands to check the space. Execute the following command line in the Run wizard:

  • diskpart
  • list disk
  • select disk #
  • list partition
  • select partition #
  • extend filesystem

This is how you can prepare your Mac computer for the Windows VM installation. It is really an amazing experience to have both operating systems on a single platform. But your experience can best be turned into a better one, when you follow all the recommended instructions. In case of any technical issue, or you don’t understand the process; you can approach official  Parallels Customer Tech Support mechanism through different media.

To make it easy for the users, Parallels offers different modes of communication – you can dial  Parallels Phone Service Support Number to get a direct access to the experts easily. On the other hand, you can also benefit its resources to learn about key aspects involved in the entire process.

The latest edition of Parallels is now available with enhanced capabilities. If you have a plan to use Windows 10 applications on your Mac computer, you can reliably go for virtual machine software to get the best experience. These days, users are much excited to get Cortana and Siri alongside on their Mac, as both of these digital assistants are made to serve almost similar benefits, regardless of some technological differences.

So, why you should buy a new Windows PC to take benefits of new Windows 10 applications – simply install the parallels on your Mac and use Windows 10 and its apps on your Mac without any technical hurdle.

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