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Posted by Cables DirectOnline on October 6th, 2016

There are various online cable companies which offer their quality service at a cost-effective price. These companies are specialized in home theater accessories, alarm cables, CCTV, Satellite apparatus and much more. They also have all types of connectors in their stock like speaker wires, HDMI, etc. of different length. You can easily get the one as per your need. You can also find bulk speaker wire  of different lengths and colors at your doorstep. Speaker wire is one of the most ignored components of an audio system. Their wire size and construction material can affect a system's performance and reliability, so the best speaker wire should be used.  Buying bulk speaker cable will save you money every step of the way. If you want to purchase bulk speaker cable, you should go online as you will be able to get them at a budgetary price.

Bulk Cat6 cable need for new buildings and renovations. That is why, these companies are always ready to deliver it in low pricing, fast delivery, and reliable solutions. These cables are categorized according to their application for indoor installation, outdoor installation & for low smoke CMP construction. The main difference in these cables is a longitudinal separator. This separator isolates each pair of twisted wire, allowing for faster data transfer & reduced cross talk. Eventually, bulk cat6 cable offers a cost-effective and high-performance solution. Cat6 cable is right for your applications so, you don't have to hesitate to contact the representatives.

 High-speed HDMI cables are available up to 100 feet lengths & are designed to display the connectivity in commercial, home theater, and desktop applications. Plenum HDMI cables are available up to 50 feet length & are designed to display connectivity in commercial applications. Thin and flexible High-Speed HDMI cables are designed with low profile connectors for installations in tight space. High retention 100 ft HDMI cables available to provide 3 times greater port retention than standard HDMI connectors.

RG-6 cable is a common coaxial cable which is used in a large range of residential and commercial applications.  Bulk RG6 cable  has a wide variety of cable designs, which differ from one another in shielding character, center conductor composition, jacket type & dielectric type. These cables are used in television distribution coax to route cable television signals. RG-6 type cables are also used in professional video applications. They carry baseband analog video signals or serial digital interface signals. For this purpose, the center conductor should be made with solid copper, much heavier, and high tolerance controlled power to improve impedance stability. RG-6 is available in three different types of the design according to applications. Plain wire is designed for house wiring. Flooded cable is infused with water blocking gel used for underground conduit. Plenum wire is made up of Teflon which is used in ventilation ducts to reduce fire suffocation.

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