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Four amazing customizing ideas for fencing Aberdeenshire

Posted by albertajones on October 6th, 2016

Homeowners who wish to install privacy fence with a bit of customization can have plenty of options. If you choose fencing Aberdeenshire, you will get professional guidance and support for embellishing a basic privacy fence. This is probably the prime reason why so many people of northeast Scotland are opting for fencing Aberdeento enhance the security as well as the beauty of the house. This article will give you some helpful tips on how to combine different fencing styles to create a customized privacy fence.

A privacy fence is one of the most ubiquitous neighborhoods fencing style. A solid and a basic style fence coveted privacy from neighbors with a clean and simple look. However, when it is repeated yard after yard, it gives a monotonous look. To put an end to this monotonous design, fencing Aberdeenshire has come up with a plenty of customized options for homeowners. People who want a solid privacy style fence but don’t need a yard that resembles everyone else’s, they can surely go for these customized options offered by them. Let’s have a look at some customizing ideas for aprivacy fence.

Four customization ideas for privacy fence

             Picture frame fence

The picture frame fence brings more decorative variations for privacy fencing. This name is derived from horizontal rails and vertical posts that frame various sections of fence. This framing adds both elegance and opportunities to customize it according to your requirements. You can select the number of boards for each frame, the specific height of the board and can even embellish this picture fence with a touch of wood.

             Basic privacy fence

This is a standard form of privacy fence which is six feet in height and feature sturdy and well-fitted boards. The top section of the fence is basically flat and smooth. One of the best ways to implement a customized style into it is to use a dog-eared board that adds a dynamic pattern to the top of the fence. With privacy fence, you can experiment with different boards of different height and width.

             Good neighbor fence

It is another popular fence to take it on privacy fencing. Instead of featuring boards to one side of the railing, a neighbor fence attaches boards to each side of the railing alternatively. You can easily customize the size by widening or narrowing the gap between the boards.

             Lattice top fence

The lattice top fence brings a different variation in privacy fencing as you can add a section of decorative lattice on the top of the fence. Those who are creative homeowners take this step further by adding lattice into the body for giving an interesting and semi-privacy look. If you want, you can use a narrow section in the picture frame of the fence or you can alternate the sections with solid boards.

Fencing Aberdeen offers all these options, and this makes it clear that you can easily give a customized look to your privacy fence so that it does not look like everyone else’s. Don’t be scared of combining various designs for creating a customized and unique fence that meets your aesthetic desires and needs.

Are you looking for customized fence that adds both security and beauty to your house? Opt for Fencing Aberdeenshire. These Fencing Aberdeen offer a number of customized options.

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