Heavensward themed consoles are a bit low effort

Posted by fanzhou on October 7th, 2016

Ever since the launch of Final Fantasy XIV, the development team has mused on the idea of providing a DirectX 11 update for the PC edition, which would drastically improve its visual quality. While the PS4 version has near-perfect parity, the PC would be the clear superior platform with this improvement.FFXIV Gil Finally we now have a release window for DX 11 -- it will arrive this spring/summer when the Heavensward expansion hits. The update will mostly fix the finer aspects of the graphical style (like water), and it won't be an all across the board fix. See the gallery for a better idea of what to expect.Sony, Square, c'mon. These Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward themed consoles are a bit low effort. The white PS4 does look fine, but both are literally just white and black PS4s with Sony's weak faceplates packed in.I like the art the Vita and Vita TV consoles come in (it's the Heavensward box art).

Also, limited edition PlayStation Vita TVs? For whom? Maybe it spurs sales, FF14 Gil I guess.Right now these are only for Japan, though they've got to make that faceplate available everywhere. Easy enough to do.Final Fantasy XIV is already a rather large game thanks to the Heavensward expansion, but it's about to get bigger come patch 3.1. It was announced that in addition to new story quests, a new beast tribe questline is coming, in addition to an enhanced airship exploration system, two new dungeons (Saint Mocianne Arboretum and Pharos Sirius Hard), and a 24-man raid, the Void Ark.The latter area will be themed after the Crystal Tower raid series, where anyone can join up and play, with the intention of being able to complete the Ark with a random group. A new Primal is also coming, in addition to minion battling in the Gold Saucer. Oh, and more Triple Triad cards will be added to the game as well.Sounds pretty amazing! I really enjoyed the Crystal Tower trio of raids, as they were incredibly easy to pick up and play at anytime, so I'll be doing the same for Void Ark.Final Fantasy XIV Gil Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XIV's massive Heavensward expansion will be released on June 23 (June 19 for pre-order access).

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