How Can You Reduce Residential Propane Prices?

Posted by ThompsonGas on October 10th, 2016

Uncontrollable factors such as the prices of natural gas and crude oil will typically affect residential propane prices. That said, some propane dealers are able to offer lower prices despite changing economics. Want to pay less for your propane? Take a step back to review exactly what you are paying for and compare the prices of your current residential propane dealer with other service providers in your area. You should be able to reduce your fuel expenses by considering the following tips:

  • Review your current payment plan – Ask for a breakdown of expenses from your propane supplier. Even if you have a budget plan, you need to make sure that it is actually saving you money in the long run. Budget plans cover the projected propane cost for an entire year to help reduce the costs of seasonal bills. Propane dealers typically estimate yearly usage based on your household's size, your preferred indoor temperature, and the types and number of propane appliances you own. The cost is usually calculated based on the fixed price per gallon, and it is evenly spread out over 12 months. Some companies adjust the payments in the middle of winter. If you pay for more fuel than whzat you would have used, your remaining balance will be lower, but if you used more propane than what you have paid for the remaining payments may be higher.
  • Consider getting a payment plan if you do not have one yet – Payment plans may help reduce what you are paying for in residential propane. Instead of buying propane from different companies, consider sticking to a single supplier that can provide a level monthly payment option.
  • Consider a payment plan that is customized to your needs – Reputable propane suppliers understand that no two homes are the same, so they provide flexible payment plans that adjust the monthly payments according to your actual usage and the prices of propane. Some companies can offer a payment plan with prices that are immune to spikes in the market. This may reduce some residential propane prices.
  • Remember to switch off your propane heating and cooking appliances when not in use – You could be spending a lot more on residential propane when your supply quickly runs out due to careless usage. Be mindful of how you use your heating and cooking devices that run on propane, and remember to turn them off when you do not need them.

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