Advantages of the Dometic 3-Way Fridge: 5 Expert Tips

Posted by mygenerator on October 10th, 2016

More and more people are realising the necessity of taking breaks to rejuvenate themselves. Many opt to go on caravan/camping trips, picnics, long drives or little getaways and have the same comfort they have at home. Often a recreational vehicle such as a motorhome/caravan/camper trailer provides the perfect getaway whilst still providing the feel-at-home environment with your favourite creature comforts. Among the many things that make this possible, none is perhaps as essential as a caravan fridge that keeps the food well preserved and the beverages cold and refreshing.

There are many types of caravan refrigerators available in the market, but the 3-way fridge is perhaps the most popular among them. The name of these portable fridges is derived from the fact that they can be operated through three different sources:

•    Through a regular power outlet. The 3-way refrigerators work similar to the standard house refrigerators when operated through a regular 240 volt power outlet. This is a great option if you have a power point close to your location, which is the case on most caravan parks

•    12V DC battery. One of the best ways to operate your caravan appliances, including a 3-way refrigerator is using the vehicle battery when the vehicle is running. It is not advisable to run these refrigerators on the batteries for a long time when the engine is not running. It can discharge the batteries quickly.  

•    With LPG gas. If a power source is not available, a 3-way fridge can be operated through an LPG gas source. It works really well when you are not driving and do not want to burden the car batteries. The gas power source is what makes 3-way caravan fridges so popular.

It is advisable to place the 3-way fridge at a level when not in transit to facilitate the gas to flow through the unit freely and allow it to deliver maximum performance.

Dometic is one of the best suppliers of high-quality, innovative products for the Recreational Vehicles (RV), Hospitality and Marine industries. Dometic products improve, enhance and heighten your outdoor experience. They are the market leaders of 3-way fridges and are designed with state of the art technology to ensure your caravan fridge provides optimum performance.

5 Advantages of the Dometic 3-way Fridge:

•    Dometic 3-way refrigerators can be operated through 3 different power sources as per your preference, with the gas option being highly efficient

•    They are small in size and can be installed in tight spaces making them ideal for any RV such as caravans, boats, camper trailers, motorhomes and more

•    Dometic 3-way fridges are safe to use when installed by a qualified installer, using the dometic fridge accessories such as gas flues and vents

•    Dometic caravan fridges come with comprehensive warranties and are backed by the Dometic national service support network

•    There are fewer parts in the Dometic 3-way fridges than standard household refrigerators – less working parts mean less complications. Moreover, they can last up to 20 years or even more. This makes the Dometic a long-term value for money proposition

No matter which method you use to operate your 3-way fridge, it is the best RV travel companion for you. It needs little maintenance and gives you the best cooling and freezing output relative to the little power input it needs.

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