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Posted by mygenerator on October 10th, 2016

Waeco, a part of the international Dometic Group, is a world leader in indoor and outdoor refrigeration solutions. Their portable and outdoor fridges are the most popular equipment in the leisure market. The company is environmentally-conscious and believes in sustainable growth and development. Waeco fridges are some of the most energy-efficient devices in the category and stand out for their efficient design and outstanding performance.

Most of the Waeco fridge models support DC and AC inputs of 12V and 24V, 110V and 230V respectively. These refrigerators have a continuously variable thermostat making them suitable for powering on solar power as well. This makes them multi-purpose since they can be used inside the house, work vehicles, recreational vehicles (RVs), picnics, events, small business etc.

RVs, caravans, and camping trips are also getting increasingly popular these days. People can now buy specialised products for their vehicles and trips so that they can enjoy fresh food and cold beverages even when they are outdoors on holiday. Waeco caters well to customers looking for cooling solutions when they are away from their homes.

Portable fridges are the USP of Waeco. They come in different sizes and can be used while going on picnics, road trips, camping, fishing, etc. These smart devices are portable and can be used anywhere. Many types of models are available in the market, but 2-way fridges are the most popular.

The 2-way fridges are compressor style and operate very well in hot temperatures when you need them most. They can run off 240 volt mains power or 12/24 volt DC power from your batter source.

The other type of recreational fridge is the 3 way fridge, which can be operated through three different sources: regular power outlet, LPG gas or 12V DC batteries. While free camping, you can operate it on LPG which is very popular because gas gives great efficiency. 3-way fridges are the most versatile product in the range of portable fridges.

However, good quality products come at a price so if you are looking to save money on Waeco fridges keep an eye for sales and discount offers. It will be time-consuming to drive around from store to store and find a good deal in your city. It is more convenient to search online for sales on these fridges. There are plenty of websites offering great deals on Waeco fridges online.

Before buying portable fridges, or any electronic devices, it is essential to have a complete list of functions you need from the product. Here are a few questions to answer before buying a fridge online:
•    What kind of fridge are you looking for? 3-way fridge, 2-way fridge, etc.
•    What should be the size of the fridge? Look at where you would be placing it to get an idea of the dimensions
•    Would you be using it regularly in your home or just when going outdoors?
•    What do you want to use it for? You can choose between fridges that have options for just fridge or freezer, and ones with both fridge and freezer capability.

Once you have answered all of these questions, you can start looking online for websites selling Waeco fridges on sale in Australia. Buying a great companion for your outdoor stays and trips has never been easier.

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