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This world is full of uncertainties. A little mistake, a small amount of carelessness can cost you a lot. A lot of times, when you go against the law, no matter how much money you have, if you don’t receive proper guidance in the right time, you can be in deep trouble. This is the time when a Law Firm comes to your rescue. The firm provides you with high level advice regarding criminal defense and DUI offenses. Now let’s see what kind of services offered by them.

Things you should know about DUI laws in Phoenix, Arizona.

DUI refers to Driving under the influence. In some states, it is referred to as Driving while intoxicated. The criminal offense generally includes the conditions when you are driving under the influence of alcohol to such an extent that it affects you physical and mental stability, or if the alcohol content in your blood is

  • 0.00%- in case you are below 21 years old.
  • 0.08% - 21 years old or more.
  • 0.04%- commercial.

It doesn’t matter whether or not it has had any effect on you. At the same time, it is unlawful to drive after any drug intake unless it has been prescribed by a legalized medical practitioner.

A person who has violated all these sections shall be sentenced to serve in jail for at least ten consecutive days. He will be charged a fine of not less than two hundred and fifty dollars. He might be ordered by a court to perform community restitution. There are a number of other fines you would be required to pay, if you don’t get the case resolved. Moreover, within a period of eighty-four months, if the person is convicted twice, the charges would increase and you will be sentenced to even greater punishments, and several rules follow.

What is the solution?

DUI attorneys in phoenix AZ are experienced in handling all kind of criminal laws in Arizona. It can be you, or any of your close friends or relatives who has been accused of DUI and it is vital for you to get professional legal support and representation. A good criminal lawyer can help you get rid of all these troubles on time, preventing all those extra fines, and saving you a lot of time, which you would have otherwise spent in jail and courts. You also get consultation services from lawyers in this firm, where you can discuss your case and find out ways together.

Benefits of hiring a DUI attorney in phoenix AZ

DUI attorney in phoenix generally concentrates on DUI and criminal cases so they are really focused on similar kind of cases. Hence, they would be able to help you in a better way. The more or less cover a number of courts including Phoenix Municipal Court, Gilbert Municipal Court and Tempe Municipal Court. Most of them have received very good reviews from their clients.

A good law firm with a reputed lawyer can save hundreds of dollars and more importantly, reduce that amount of harassment you would go through if you didn’t take correct decisions. So, if, god forbid, any situation like this arises, it is advisable that you call them on time.

DUI s can get serious if not taken care of on time. This article helps you to know the basic rules and penalties of DUIs, and various kinds of help you can receive from a DUI attorney in phoenix AZ . For more information, you can visit the official website of DUI attorney phoenix .

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