Buy Online Clubs Badges- How to Buy and Use Custom Badges

Posted by Capital Badges on October 13th, 2016

You can now buy online clubs badges with ease. These badges are professionally printed items or cards made of plastic or paper. They are mostly used for identification purposes. They also facilitate monitoring of admittance especially when guests come and go during the day. They also serve the identification purpose for participants by bar code, name or seating designation. Typically, badges are worn on the lanyards around a person’s neck or even clipped on a jacket or shirt.

Visual identification

In events, badges enhance visual identification of the participants. They make it possible for the staff to determine whether a person is a gatecrasher or a guest. Event badges are usually highly visible. This increases safety during the event. Security is also enhanced by the use of a security bar code. This makes it possible for event organisers to prevent fraud further. Bar codes are scanned to ensure that badges are legitimate.

Among the security options for these badges include:

  • Names inclusion

  • Unique design

  • Use of bar codes

  • Magnetic stripping especially for VIP badges

  • Addition of variable or identifier data to the badges using CSV files


In addition to serving security purposes, custom badges serve as nametags. They can be used to divide the guests into different groups. They also show different contribution, participation and access levels. They provide a great way of advertising sponsors or showcasing the company or organisational logo. Badges can also be great souvenirs. You can also use plastic badges to identify people in learning institutions like campuses on daily basis. Additionally, you can use badges as official passes or nametags in your institution on daily basis.

Display options

Badges have different display options. For instance, plastic badges that have lanyard slots are easily attached to lanyards that have bulldog clips then worn around a person’s neck. VIP badges are worn in vinyl pouches that are clear and attached to shirts with collar or pocket clip. Paper badges are displayed in clear vinyl pouches using bulldog clips or lanyards.

Creating customised badges

Creating personalised badges involves a process. You can use your photos, images, or even logos. You can design your VIP badges then send them to the producer in a standard format. You can add artwork for which you have the legal right to duplicate. Alternatively, you can allow talented designers to come up with printed lanyards UK badges for you.

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